Outfit ideas and mindset really boost your Personality from zero to hero. Dressing well and utilizing style as a mechanism to precise our individualism, character, and personality helps us stand out from the gang, during a positive and potentially career uplifting way.

Confine mind that understanding work and office culture is vital and that we should adapt accordingly.

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If you having any one of the below queries then this is the right place to start with.

Are you want to dress like a Badass in college?

Are you want to change your personality?

Are you want to grasp dressing ideas to look attractive?

Why dressing is important?

Dressing well is very important as your healthy diet. Grab some of the important Outfit Ideas. The dressing is the way you represent yourself to the world, express yourself- Who you actually are.

Dressing express your Confidence, Institution, Personality. But having a good heart and a clean mind is more important.

How to make a wardrobe?

Making a wardrobe is essential to save your time and money in a precise manner. Making wardrobe solve the conflict of what to wear for a particular occasion.Making wardrobe enhance your Outfit Ideas.

Shirt, T-Shirt, Pants, Shoes, Accessories are the important one you should have in your wardrobe.

IMPORTANT: Don’t purchase in bulk for making a wardrobe, start with essential items, and then move with priority items.

The dressing is a large domain so we discuss versatile, classic, and trendy ideas.


T-shirts are the much-loved choice in any men’s wardrobe. Be it a casual evening with your friends, a coffee date or a road trip or college.


You should buy a T-shirt on the basic of maturity scale. There are two main aspects of choosing colours as Saturated and Un-Saturated.

Saturated colour is for the younger fellow. Basically, saturated colour makes you look younger, fresh and a college student. It decreases your current age.

Saturated colors have a disadvantage that mature aged groups can’t wear. Saturated color include-Bright Red, Bright Yellow, Bright Green…

Another one is Unsaturated color which reflects the older or mature group. It enhances the age. Even younger people, as well as mature, can wear, is the main advantage of unsaturated color.

Unsaturated colors include-Black, White, Navy Blue, Grey…

IMPORTANT – The College group can wear both Saturated or Unsaturated colors. Try to dress according to your age group.

If your Age>25 then always opt for Unsaturated color to play safe.

If your Age<25 you can opt for Saturated color or Unsaturated color both.

The two types of color also help in dressing
Warm colors

Warm colors are Red, Orange, Brown, Yellow etc which should be wear in winter.
Cool colors

Cool colors are Blue, Purple, Pink, White etc. In summer, give priority to cool colors.


T-shirt should have two colours maximum. It means one base colour and one printed colour (Pattern). Having too many colours on a T-Shirt makes others discomfort which classic men don’t want.

Don’t be brand conscious. Try avoiding to buy a T-shirt having a large logo on the front, sometimes it implies you are showing off. People start judging you on your T-Shirt, that you don’t want.

IMPORTANT: Wear brand less T-shirt, Be your own brand.

This tips basically for a fitness freak. If you having a good physique or just a bigger arm then sleeve of your T-Shirt should be tight.

Sleeve Length should be medium to show biceps and triceps, It must cover your shoulder. Athleisure Cloths also help you to reflect your athletic vibes.
To decide the length and fit of the T-shirt these 4 factors are very important:

(1) The T-shirt should end at mid-crotch. Too short makes you discomfort and too long to make your appearance shabby.

(2) T-Shirt should be tight at chest area which reflects your chest line and makes you feel manly, it should be loose below chest as to make breathable to the body.

The most important tips for the rest are the Money factor which is very important in selecting a T-Shirt on a material and quality basis.

Try to build a wardrobe with a Black and White, T-shirt having a Crew neck or V neck as per your choice. These two colors go with any outfit.

V-neck basically increases your vertical elementality that means If you have the short height or you are bulky then wear V-neck, the V cut makes you taller, slimmer.

Thin people can avoid V-Neck T-shirt. For look, bulkier focus on horizontality wear polo or Crew Neck T-Shirt.

If Your budget allows, go for Navy Blue, Grey, Green, and Brown. That makes your wardrobe complete.

6 T-Shirt you must-have in your wardrobe are Black, White, Navy Blue, Grey, Green, Brown. These basic colors is also used for layering and it improve your Outfit Ideas.

Having a T-shirt is the primary thing but you should know how to dress with it.

Some of the common dressing mistake people do like -You can’t match T-shirt with formal Shoes. Do match T-shirt with sneakers, flip flops, Casual Shoes or loafers(Casual).

You should wear Jeans, chinos, Joggers with a T-shirt. No formal pants with a T-Shirt as you don’t want to spoil your Outfit Ideas.Any casual watch, Sporty, or leather watch work with T-shirt outfit.

If you follow the above Super five tips you could master the Dressing.

If you are thin, go for Long Sleeve T-shirt with crew neck, When wearing a long-sleeve T-shirt, Pull your sleeves up slightly.

Here is some combination of T-Shirt outfit to look amazing

White T-Shirt + Black Pant (Chinos, Regular fit, Slim Fit)

Navy Blue T-Shirt + Grey Pant (Chinos, Regular fit, Slim Fit)

Brown and Olive Green T-Shirt with Black Pant (Chinos, Regular fit, Slim Fit)


Basically, 4 types of polo T-Shirt are there-

Polo with Trim: There is a border at sleeve and neck. This type of T-shirt is best for College and a person having decent physique.

Polo with Mini Branding: Small logo is very important, don’t let people judge you by the brand on T-shirt.

Plain Polo: It enhances the age factor of the overall look.

Basic Pattern Polo: Polca dots, Minimal patterns, Monotone are the primary types of POLO.

The two rules are important to select POLO -It should be ended at Mid-Crotch and have a tight sleeve.

Boardroom meetings or clubbing nights, stay in style effortlessly with men’s shirts. Being BADASS with classic shirts, charming printed shirts, cool denim shirts, more.

Opt for classic with solid shirts and pin-striped shirts or make your presence felt with micro-printed shirts. Checked shirts, slim fit shirts might suit your unique tastes.

To look dashing in your everyday outfits, look through casual shirts for men. Do Experiment with sleek solids, peppy prints, offbeat floral prints, and more with men’s casual shirts. You can also opt for rugged denim shirts to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t spend huge money on a particular Shirt. Focus on to look classy.

Start making your wardrobe with three basic colours which are versatile and always in trend forever.

Go for Black, White, Light Blue. Spend average money approx 20$ to 25$ for a particular Shirt.

Always Go for quality over quantity. If you want more variety of shirts in the wardrobe, go for lycra material then after that if your budget allows, buy some cotton shirts.

Always buy a Shirt with minimal size pattern. Say no to big patterns and always wear a shirt with almost two patterns. Patterns should be the same all over the shirt.

Wear a shirt that has Polka dots, Pinstripes which enhance your look. Keep your pattern monochromatic.

Features and method of the shirt. Try to buy Button-down shirts (Button on the collar ) or shirt having a stiff collar. If you couldn’t find the stiff one use collar stay. Stiff Collar gives you a sharpy edge overlook.

Stay away from pockets and zippers for formal Shirts. Your shirt sleeves should end at your wrist.

Sleeve roll- You should know how to roll up the sleeve. Your shirt sleeves should end at your wrist. Refer to Youtube to learn sleeve roll. Always iron your shirts before wearing them.


Tucking or Not- Shirt having straight border always goes to tuck. V-shaped border can be tuck or wear as usual it looks casual.

Hack-Roll out your sleeve and try matching it with shirts length, if matched you can tuck out.

Layering- When layering, a T-shirt should be white or black because it is monochromatic colors. Maintain a jacket look with a black or white T-shirt.

Layering Forms are Jackets, Suits, Shirt over a T-shirt, Layering make you look bulkier.

Three types of Shirts are there:

Formal shirts are for the office and formal events. You must have some formal colors like white, light blue, light pink, light grey.

Semi-formal is the dress wear for parties, events, college. Semi-formal must include polka dots, pinstripes, dark-toned, linen shirts.

Casual shirt is for parties, dates… don’t wear it in the office.

Don’t go for half sleeve shirts if you are thin and try to avoid large check shirts, always go for small and settled.

Cool and casual or polished and professional, the right men’s pants make all the difference to your look and personality. Picking the perfect pair of pants is very essential for dressing.

Dress jeans for work and formal events; fresh chino and khaki jeans for easygoing Fridays and lawn grills and slouchy joggers and snap-divert for exercises or home bases.

Majority of people bend towards athleisure. It gives athletic looks. if possible try to buy Narrow ankle pants.

The must-have colors in the wardrobe are Deep blue, black, dark grey.

Don’t wear skinny jeans, It’s overwhelming your overall look. It’s not comfortable for your body and affects your blood circulation. Always buy slim fit jeans or regular or chinos. Chinos must be Black, Grey, Navy Blue, earthy colours.

Don’t try to buy loose box fit pants, it makes you shabby and you are not an old times rapper.

Factor considering in buying pants – Not too tight, Not too loose, Should be body-hugging, Should not be body squeezing.

Now there is a trend of shorts which will be last forever. You should only wear shorts if you have good calf muscles and always opt for chino shorts. Don’t be afraid of wearing shorts.

Disclaimer: Don’t wear bright colors pants ever.

Deep Blue Jeans, Black Chinos, Charcoal Grey Formal Pants, Gym Pants- shorts, track pants, light chinos, Distressed Jeans, dark maroon, blue, Earthy Colors, Joggers(Dark) Must be in your wardrobe

When your wardrobe feels lacklustre, there’s no need to buy an entirely new outfit—all you need is a new pair of shoes.

A dash of colour, a few extra inches or a casual and relaxed look is easy to attain when you look for footwear to match the outfits you already have.

Shoes the most essential part of your presentation, believe me, a person always notices your shoes first. Try to buy limited shoes with decent quality.

You can try to match t-shirt with sneakers, flip flops, Casual Shoes.

Here is a sequence of buying shoes:

(1)Sneakers- Navy Blue, White, Black

(2)Gym Shoes(Black or White)

(3)Black Formal Shoes

(4)Semi-formal shoes(Dark Brown Brogues),

(5)Monkstraps, Light Colours Loafers, Brown Formal Shoes

I know you are comfortable with Crocs/Sandles but you should wear at home only, not for another occasion. In fact, if you dress well with flip flop you look awesome.

There are more options available for shoes: Casual loafers, Skate shoes, mid-top/hightop shoes.

Espadrille shoes with linen combinations are the best outfit.
Fragrance and Watches:

These parts are the touch up to look and the final part is very essential. Fragrance makes others comfortable and it helps to reflect positive and friendly vibes from you. It ultimately enhance your Outfit.

Moreover, having a good mindset is more important. You should buy a perfume or deodorant. Perfume is more favorable as it is long-lasting. Your smells affect your overall look.

Watch: Any casual watch, Sporty or leather watch with black or brown strap should be there. You can also go to the analog one.

IMPORTANT: Personality is not only about your appearance, but It is also the combination of your mindset, honestly, confidence, personality.

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