I like to be as involved as possible with my daughter’s junior school, as a member of the board of governors I take my role extremely seriously. We had a meeting recently to discuss the state of the School Playground Equipment which hadn’t been replaced in quite some time and had started to show signs of age. It was pretty clear that new items of Outdoor Play Equipment would be required, but being a small community school we didn’t have a great deal of funds to spend. Limited finances were available for the Outdoor Play Equipment so I suggested we organised a family fundraising day to boost the coffers of the school’s accounts. Any money that was raised could go towards new Outdoor Play Equipment and if we approached the local authority they might contribute a little as well. Plus if we asked local companies to sponsor the event we could raise extra income for the Outdoor Play Equipment this way too.

Was that such a great idea?

The rest of the board seemed to think so, we had a vote and we decided to raise money for new Outdoor Play Equipment. One thing I do know about our school is the parents always dig deep for a good cause and what could be more important than new School Playground Equipment. Plans were put in place and we managed to raise a healthy sum for new Outdoor Play Equipment and the next problem was how to spend this money wisely. Obviously we wanted to utlise the cash as best we could on Outdoor Play Equipment and not waste a single penny. It was decided we should go direct to a company that specialised in Outdoor Play Equipment to seek further advice. The team we chose was called Uniplay and they offered a range of innovative outdoor play solutions for schools and nurseries.

It worked out brilliantly!

Making contact with Uniplay was the best thing we ever did. You could see they were passionate about Outdoor Play Equipment and their School Play Equipment was designed specifically to support the development needs of children. With their help and advice we carefully selected a range of Outdoor Play Equipment that will provide future generations with many years of pleasure. Our school now benefits from brilliant Outdoor Play Equipment that helps to keep our kids fit and encourages interaction at the same time. It’s a joy to see the children utilising the Outdoor Play Equipment and I’m so glad we managed to raise the necessary funds to create such a fun-filled environment.

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Outdoor Play Equipment from uni-play.co.uk.  We specialise in innovative outdoor play equipment that supports the development of young people.  Visit us online if you’re looking for School Playground Equipment.