To extend hours outdoors and create a great look for entertaining, lighting is the important key. It is inexpensive and customizable. Take a walk in your yard at night and choose areas that you want to illuminate. Think about the pathways, entry ways and your garden where you can create a welcoming scenery with lights. Gathering spots for visibility and ambience matter and finally trees, plants and architectural elements that can be lift for dramatic effect.


As with any lighting jobs you do, start with the focal point and build out from there. That is usually the place where you, family, friends and your guest gather. For Layering, think about the space as a whole placing lights both high and low. Try using lantern lamps to begin lighting the perimeter of the place you want to hightlight. Use exterior wall lights that is capable of doing its job in high areas. Moreover, pathway lights and garden lights are also ideal on low areas. Once combined, layers of light create drama in your backyard.

Light At Work

You can provide lighting for additional seating areas with wall lamps. It can also be placed at areas where you want and your guests will be walking, casting light on pathways to ensure safe footing. It can also be shed on the part of your landscaping you would like to showcase. Outdoor lighting does more than just brighten the exterior of your home and provide an extra level of security and it increases its curb appeal and overall value.

Drama and Direction

You can also add visual drama and traffic. Wall lamp, solar path lights are the most simple fixtures that you can use. You can place them on walk ways, walls, or you can make a path leading to the common area where you want your guests to stay, talk and share ideas outdoor.

To show the best feature of your yard and garden, nothing can beat these elegant exterior wall lights. With these you are now ready to make your landscape at night. You may took an ordinary yard and with this lighting ideas, made it beautiful, easier to navigate and turn outdoor entertaining into a whole new experience. One of the great things about having your own home is entertaining and inviting few friends for food and fun. Putting all these ideas can make your get together, the party of the month or atleast the party of the week.

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