Do you want to have sex tonight? Then better make it as unforgettable and as wicked as possible. Remember, a wise and witty woman always makes her mark every time she makes love to her man. Keep in mind that great sex should not only spice up your love life, but it should also have a lingering effect on you and your lover. It should inspire him, empower you and make him love you more. If you want to make your mark in the bedroom, then surprise him with this hot intercourse positions that can definitely blow his mind away!

1. Let’s begin with something mild. When your man is having a hard- on, push his penis towards his stomach and start licking the underside of his shaft. Some tip to remember, when licking, keep your tongue flat and move your head from side to side to make sure you don’t miss a spot! Be sure to bend over, and give him a clear view of your yummy bottom, while doing the act. The view and the sensation will absolutely drive him crazy!A great foreplay before doing some intense intercourse positions.

2. Instruct him. While he’s going down on you, tell him to do a number eight figure on your clitoris so he won’t miss any angle. This will certainly heat things up before doing some sizzling intercourse positions.

3. Before doing some mind blowing intercourse positions, apply some warming lubricants to enhance the sensation.

4. Do the wild massage! No, not on his back or his feet, but on the spot behind his balls, yes, the perineum, the pleasure spot. Intensify his orgasm by circularly massaging this area with your 2 fingers not less than 30 seconds before he ejaculates.

5. For maximum clitoral stimulation on his pelvic area, lean forward and rest your upper body against his. Then bring one leg to the side and bend it, while straighten the other leg and slide it in between his leg.

6. For deep and maximum penetration. Sit down on the sofa, legs wide apart, hips slightly on the edge and feet on the ground. After positioning yourself, have him kneel in front of you and let him enter you from there. The best part is you can use your legs and arms to have full control of the penetration. This is one of the intercourse positions that will surely bring him to great heights.

7. Pin him down and be the domineering character on the bed. Position yourself on top of him. Then clench his arm and body with your legs, giving you full control of the deed. Then move your hips clockwise, then counterclockwise, then back and forth. Change your move every 30 seconds and watch him orgasm like never before.

8. For a more intimate sex act. Tell him to sit with his leg crossed (indian-style), then sit in front of him and wrap your legs around his body, then begin to rock him hard back and forth.

9. Do it with your panties on. Yes, you read it right! As foreplay, let him massage your soft spot with both his fingers and tongue through the fabric. And when you’re all wet and hot and ready to go, pull your panties on the side and enjoy the sensation.

10. Girl on top position with an extra twist. While sitting on top of him, lean back and tilt your head back, too. With your both arms holding the bed behind you, he will get a full view of your breasts and torso while you do him. Men are all about the “view.” This is one of the intercourse positions that will surely fulfill not only his sexual desires but his visual desires as well.

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