Yesterday the 22nd of June was the beginning of our New Moon phase ...
As before the Angels teach for me to practice for self, for I can only truly share "my truth" - what I have experienced - anything else is simply passed on knowledge,- not wisdom.
I have been guided to share a "practice" the Angels assisted me through towards the end of last year, which so far as had a great & positive effect on my life. There is a time for "be-ing" & a time for "do - ing" -
Ever had those days when no matter how hard you try you just cannot conjure up the energy to take action? ... well, maybe it is as simple as the position of the moon - this is what I discovered ... & so life is not so much of a struggle, more a consistent, secure flow - a flow with life & all her cycles & seasons, it is only hard when we struggle against life.

So *smile* the New Moon phase & each phase of the moon lasts aprox 3-4 days .. so you still have time to set your New Moon creations. ..
By the light of the New Moon & a dedicated candle's flame sit & draw symbols or write a list of your intentions, goals & dreams for the forthcoming moon cycle. An important part of creation is "knowing" for ourselves what it is we seek for our life. Exploring our wants. Needs & desires & feeling it is safe to receive. Getting our dreams down on paper help us to see where we have been, where we are & where we wish to go....
The new moon is for "planting seeds". I pop my picture list somewhere in my home where I can see it daily, like the fridge door *grin* - not so much that I can become obsessed with whether "manifestation" works for this simply takes trust but it is there to help me maintain focus & keep the symbols list of my heart's dreams alive.

The next phase is the Crescent moon, here spend time creating a clear practical plan of the moon cycle ahead. Daydream, feeling how it feels to "be", "do" or "have.." - Our feelings are far stronger than our thoughts, Our Angels listen to our heart - our feelings must match our desires. Meditate & be aware of any contradicitng thoughts & feelings & be aware of any guidance.

The next phase is the "First Quarter" - this is a time to take guided action - anything that has come up that you need to do.

The Gibbous Moon follows & this is the time where we are to simply sit & be ... this is the time where often no amount of action can seem to get things done - this is our "be-ing" time. A time to surrender & lay resting in God's hands.

Full Moon & all her gifts are then available to us - her light shining the way, illuminating all that we need to release for the new to enter our lives. We become aware of old patterns, shadows, habits in her magnificent light. There is no hiding in this light. Yet her light feeds our creative seeds, we dance her dance & she sings to us.

The Disseminating Moon or Harvest moon follows, here we reap what we have sown - sometimes this can be the seeds of New Moon, sometimes it can be the seeds of a previous New Moon - seeds blossom in divine timing - not our ego time set, remember "thy will" not my will -This is a very exciting time, that requires faith & trust in life's flow

In the "Last Quarter" we are given time for reflection, to let go of all that does not fit anymore & is not working. We are given space to complete old projects. Old & uncomfortable holds us in a time that does not serve us

And last but not least we are blessed with the Balsamic Moon, a time that I personally am very sensitive too as I know it brings about "change" that I must have faith in & follow... this is a time to surrender our fears from the past, allowing Mighty Archangel Michael to cleanse our bodies & life of all that is not love. We are given space to "play" with potential futures - "feeling" with our hearts not thinking with our heads. Allowing the light within to help us create new seeds for the forthcoming new moon.

Be -ing with life & her ways has allowed so much more contentment, security, trust & peace into my life.. For it is not our way but life's way - this is flow, this is grace, & this is where we see, feel & receive all the Universe wishes to bless us with.

So - go grab your crayons, the glitter, the glue - plant your New Moon seeds - add love, joy & faith to that piece of paper which is part of life itself. Put it in a place where you can see it not hide it... And now simply flow & trust x

Wishing you a beautiful moon cycle ahead.

With love & Heaven Sent Wishes
Michelle x x

Author's Bio: 

In December 2000 while severely ill in hospital Michelle received an Angel visitation.

The pure light that shone in her room that bleak winter’s day carried her through three major operations, back to her four beautiful
children, her health and to the incredible Journey of “I am.”

Michelle is the founder of Sanctuary of Angels, a wonderful team of people whose desire is to spread the light of the Angelic Realm.

“Empowering all to shine, as brightly as the Heavens above.”

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