Anyone who has ever done work with me knows that it is important to chose your words carefully. Thanks to the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto most people on the planet are aware of how words affect water and because our bodies consist of so much water, words also affect our bodies. In my experience, some people get that and some people don't. Even the ones that do get it, understand it differently and utilize the information differently.

What really gives me a giggle is when people are not connecting the dots between how they are talking and what is unfolding in their life. I have definitely been in this category before, and sometimes I find myself back there. That is when I have to regroup and remember that I have seen miracles in my own life with my own eyes when I allowed myself to do so, and that was always helped by selecting words and phrases that were headed in the same direction I wanted to go. I am constantly reminded of this in the readings I do for my clients. By listening to their phrases, words and sentence structures I am able to observe how they orchestrate the play they call their life.

Being aware of how we are phrasing things and what we are saying is becoming increasingly more important. The energy on the planet is shifting in such a way that we are seeing the results faster than before. Along with our own creations, we also have those that we have agreed to participate with on a larger level with our family, friends, community, country or world. The larger the group we are participating with, the less control we may feel in changing something. That's when we have to bring it back home, back to ourselves and what we can do in our own life.

As the Earth continues to receive the new paradigm energy, our familiar structures are being encouraged to let go and we are encouraged to let them go. The more we are willing to let this happen by staying centered and grounded in our Soul frequency, the smoother the transition. There are still many people out there who are afraid of change and will project this fear out into the world seeking others of like mind. This is being done because they want to feel connected and safe. The challenge is they are reaching for these things outside of themselves and that is not where they are going to find it. Staying connected is taking on a new meaning. We are now to be staying connected to our inner self, the Soul. Through the Soul, we will stay connected to other people's Souls, and that will create a whole... Not a hole.

If you start to experience these turmoils in your own life, take a look at WHAT you are saying and HOW you are saying it. Do not agree with someone just to be polite. Find a polite way to speak your own truth or don't say anything at all (that is not usually my cup of tea) and just reaffirm your own truth in your mind, being aware if you are gesturing agreement with them. Train yourself to speak your desires fluently in all manners of language which include your mannerisms, gestures, verbal responses and non-responses. We really are the creators of our own reality and that creation can start with our words! This technique easy to use and it's free!! All it takes is awareness and a little practice

Author's Bio: 

Lynn is an Emotional Intuitive, Channel & Wellness Consultant. Her purpose is to beacon remembrance of Freedom and Truth throughout humanity. She uses her gifts to assist others in healing their physical, emotional and mental bodies as they transition into the life they desire.

Her background includes nearly two decades of mentoring under renowned Spiritual Nutritionist/ Counselor and Wholistic Healer, Shelley Summers, as well as five years intensive study at Spirit School of the Intuitive Arts. Lynn is certified as an Essential Eating Guide through Shelley and award-winning author, Janie Quinn She is currently studying to be a Certified Herbal Consultant with Steven Horne, Family Herbalist through The School of Natural Healing and to obtain her Doctorate in Naturopathy through Trinity School of Natural Health.

Lynn is the host of the popular internet radio show The Honoring Hour with her co-host JR Adams. She also writes a monthly e-newsletter, Circle of Self.