Beliefs are constructs of our internal world and how we view them. They are based on what we have experienced and what we perceive to be true.

We all behave as if our beliefs were true and that is what gives us direction. If you 100% believe that you will create a successful business or wealth, without any doubt in yourself, your ability or any other factors, then you will behave as if it were true.

When you behave as if it were true, then every decision you make, path you take and conversation you have is all geared around that one thing. You in fact MAKE it happen.

You will also see things and interpret events, people and actions based on your beliefs.
For instance, if you believe your neighbour is a thief based on what Mrs Smith told you at number 23 down the street, you will behave with that person in a way based on that belief.
So, your interaction with that person is likely to be guarded and therefore precipitate a response which is guarded from that neighbour based on your behaviour towards them. So, due to the fact you now have confirmed they are “shifty” you in fact are creating your own reality.
However, Mrs Smith got her facts wrong and the neighbour is really a Nobel Peace Prize winner for charitable acts but you have just confirmed to yourself that they are a thief.

Think about it – if you believe you are not capable – then you will behave and make decisions based on that fact. So, if you deal with those negative beliefs about yourself, think what a difference that will make to your capabilities and results?

AND what are those beliefs that you are capable based on? A one time event which started a repeated behaviour? A repeated belief? So, if your reality is subjective, then if you think you are not capable is that in fact reliable, or would you like to change it to something else?
With our beliefs and our reality we view the world as if everything we are seeing is the truth, is real and that anything outside of that must either not be real or we disbelieve it.
Everyone lives within boundaries of some description – whether they are enforced by society, our environment, what we have experienced or the influence of others.
We also make judgements about others based on those boundaries and make judgements which ultimately revolve around our own experience so if we come across something we are not familiar with, we can automatically disbelieve it or possibly treat it as a threat until we understand it or in fact dismiss it completely without consideration.

The problem with this is that we limit ourselves to the possibilities of growth and the ability to develop and progress and learn.

Can you change your beliefs today and allow yourself to achieve everything you know you can? Make your reality today.

Author's Bio: 

The director of Emma James Training Ltd is Emma James (amazingly!) who is a trainer of NLP, Hypnosis and Master TLT but also a Master Practitioner in all three therapies. Originally from Northern Ireland she has the drive and passion to constantly prove that NLP works, not only in her sport and coaching of others, but in therapy at her clinic and also in business application, taking people to levels they didnt think were possible.