Happiness is a great gift, and it comes from within. Hence,the endless pursuit of happiness is an essential aspect in our life. In real life, being happy comes to us in several ways often through material comforts and joy and usually via our deep relationship in friendships. Friendship is an ancient occurrence which has survived the acid test and ruins of time.

Friendship is such a cherished treasure and our best friends are like glowing candles that illuminate in our lives through through thick and thin whatever it takes. There must be a very profound understanding and trust between you and your close friend. The strong bond of friendship needs tact, empathy, cooperation, sympathy and trust.

Even in our modern day nuclear society, friendship still holds a significant position perhaps even more so than it did before. Your best friend would read your mind, heal your wounds, celebrate your triumphs and happiness and even share and lighten your pain. Asian principles also hail relationship with our friends as an effective element for gladness.

Our best friends are there to provide us unlimited source of gladness and beauty. The pursuit of happiness is more of a journey in spirituality instead of a mental or physical one. Everything lies within our minds. Pursuit of happiness through friends is the loftiest thought of being spiritual, as friendship is immeasurable, notwithstanding any sort of religious or social burden.

And most of all, our pursuit of happiness through friends encompass continuing pleasure and peace of mind. Great friends are really essential in order to maintain our sanity in the fast paced life which we lead these days. The road to our happiness through good buddies is abundant yet simple.

1. Choose those buddies that have similar thoughts and wavelength as yours---also known as having “like-minded” pals. 2. Maintain your relationship healthy with the therapeutic touch of love and trust. 3. Try supporting each other through those good times and bad times. 4. Don’t oppose or argue your chums unnecessarily.

5. Be discerning and sensible to your own self. 6. Don’t quickly judge your buddies or react immediately to situations. 7. Your best friend might also be your best critic of all time, and you must learn to understand and accept constructive criticism. Our pursuit for happiness is not always simple and easy.

We usually find ourselves drifting in tragedy, crisis or misery with nobody else to lean on. And this is where our true friends step in, for they always bring meaning and value to our lives. In our quiet times of desperation our pals stand by us, absorb all our sorrow and pain and sympathize with us, and wrap us up in their warm embrace of support and care with compassion.

Happiness is such a mysterious happening that has been an individual goal for many centuries. Most go for material joy or comforts and worldly ambition but with no best friends in our lives to share our success with, our pursuit of happiness will not be complete.

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