Do you remember the last time you created a new email account? It was probably the last time you wanted to make a new beginning in your creative and professional life or the last time you forgot your password and you tried hard to achieve to lock your account. The procedure was difficult to regain it and you felt too bored, so you chose to just create a new one in just two minutes. Maybe you are the one that has kept his first email account till today. You! Responsible badass!
I have created about three email accounts. The first one was when I was a student, which I tried hard to lock some years later. They asked me the security question, I did not remember it, I played with the answers and said goodbye to my vintage Hotmail account. I felt bad, but then I remembered it was full of emails I had never read and in reality, I didn’t need to read. So I created a new one in the next minute.
This time it was a Gmail account, I needed something new and cool. I said to myself “ this is a new beginning, you need to be consistent to the emails that come, read as many as possible, do not subscribe to things you don’t need and don’t get your list crowded”. The ideas and the websites came from everywhere like cookies in a diet, so it was really attempting, I subscribed everywhere I could. Words, ideas, and quotes, competitions came from everywhere.
Why bitch? Why? You may be wondering “why didn’t you just unsubscribe, you tiny idiot?” Whether you believe it or not…I had no idea there was this option my friend. Honestly, I didn’t know it and I had never discussed it with anyone. I had left my account as it was an in a wavy ocean. I was looking at the waves and I got dizzy. For a long time….until I decided to start my own blog and had to get a new email account. And make a new begging in my internet life.
So I started from zero. I had no connections, no email list…just a blank agenda, a white piece of paper. It may sound funny, but I felt redemption and satisfaction. I had a new chance of making a new beginning, learning new things, allowing myself to get in a new program, with new connections and information. All the mistakes I made were in my mind only for one reason. They gave me the information I needed so as to make new more advanced mistakes, at the new level of my life.
Of course, life is much more difficult. But, our email account and the way we treat the account and the information, is relevant to real life. We often subscribe to more people and information than we can handle, spend hours in reading things we don’t need, just exactly as in real life when we hear things we don’t need, feel overwhelmed of all the information, not know how to stop the whole thing and most of the times, we never discuss the problem with someone that has the composure to tell us that we can stop all this baggage, just by hitting the button at the end of the page.
We need to “unsubscribe” from certain kinds of people, read our important messages and follow more and more people that have something important to tell us. We need to connect with people, have real communication with them, we need to receive and send beautiful messages. Our email is a short picture of our lives. If we treat it properly it can also form our real life and turn it the way we want it. We just need to be focused, and never forget the password again.

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My name is Efi and I want to be part of the global change. However, we need to be healthy and happy so as to make a global change with a positive impact on the future. I write about life and philosophy. The best part of writing comes in giving a spark of life to my readers with the help of cosmology science. I literally love it.

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