A Great Close to Our Southern California Meetings

Dick B.
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Ken and I are back in Maui and excited over the many meetings we had in Southern California from LAX, Redondo Beach, North Hollywood, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Santa Ana, to three hotels – Best Western, Wyndham, and Marriott in the area. The trip was made possible by air fare contribution of Christian friend Freda M.; hotel contribution of David Powers of Rock Recovery Ministries and Soledad House in San Diego; help with trip expenses from Dr. Bernstein’s Cri-Help in North Hollywood and it’s the Hiding Place Bible study group led by Mario Zamorano; and transportation to and fro by Christian friend Freda M., Danny Simmons of Sons of Thunder, Gary Martin of Mariners Church, Tim and Kelli White of Ex-Cons for Christ, Recovered Christian believer Danny Whitmore and his lovely wife Cate, Chuck and Gary, both of NA, and Chaplain Gene Haag of Oregon—Gene about to celebrate his 50th NA birthday/

The last days of the trip saw the firming up of our large Conference in the Disneyland Area in May (thanks to Pastor Jerry Liversage), a large conference in Florida in May and/or November (thanks to efforts of Russell Spatz, Miami attorney), and strong support for International Christian Recovery Coalition’s two additional efforts: (1) Our new ChristianRecoveryRadio.com (thanks to Nikole Wood) (2) Training the Trainers in Applying Old School A.A. Today (thanks to Gary Martin of Mariners Church, Pastor Joe Furey of His Place Church, Pastor Frank McGeoy, Jr. of Irvine, Roger McDiarmid of our Speakers Bureau, and Tim and Kelli White of Ex-Cons for Christ.

We attended meetings where we received warm, supportive input from Director of Recovery L.V. Hanson (Mariners Church, Irvine); attorney Brian Casserly, Member of Mariners Church; and Cole Beshore, M.A., Community Pastor, Mariners Church. And from long-time friend Dale Ryan, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Recovery Ministry and Director of the Institute for Recovery Ministry, School of Theology, Fuller Seminary.

Rob Wolf, long-time recovered Christian believer flew in from Utah to meet with us regarding his possible role in our work. We met with Terry LaDow, MS, BCPCC, CADC II, New Perspectives; and the panelists and producers of the community access television program—Pastor Jerry Liversage, Pastor and Founder Mike Belzman, Ph.D., Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Counselors, Institute; Robert Tucker, Ph.D., President of New Life Spirit Recovery, Inc., at Huntington Beach, Ken, myself, and the producing squad led by Randy Liversage.

It was a heavy, wonderful, and fruitful trip and certainly a major part of the mighty rushing wind of the Christian Recovery Movement now in progress and recognizing the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have long played in the origins, history, founding, original Christian Fellowship program of A.A. in Akron, and its successes. And can play today.

And Now for the Many Who Became Participants of International Christian Recovery Coalition in Just the Last ten days
Welcome to each of the following participants who are now listed as participants in the International Christian Recovery Coalition:

New Perspectives

Rob Wolf, of Utah
Cell: 1-801-671-0663

Mike Stiles, Producer, Public Access Television, Southern California Region, (714) 533-0181

Randy Liversage, Producer/Director, Transformed Productions, (714) 393-5493, Email: rjliversage@aol.com”

Pastor Frank J. McGeoy, Jr., Gracious Giver Church, 12 Step Recovery Church, 1053 Granville Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660, Cell: (949) 689-4593, Email: FrankMcGeoy@att.net – who also provides a large sober living facility.

Chaplain Gene J. Haag, Oregon Department of Corrections, Connecting Point Ministries, 700 Nobility Drive, Medford, OR 97501, Ofc.: (541) 773-1985; Cell: (541) 951-3200, Email: gjhaag@hotmail.com

Wm. (Gary) Martin, Recovered believer, Awesome Bail Bonds, www.AwesomeBailBonds.com, Bail by phone, Office: (888) 877-BAIL (2245), Cell: (949) 872-6504, Insurance License 1841543

Larry McClintick EMC USN (ret), long recovered believer,850 W.Country Lane,Collinsville,IL 62234,618-344-7907; juanita@mcclintick.org

God Bless, Dick B., dickb@dickb.com; www.dickb.com; January 15, 2012

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Writer, Historian, Retired attorney, Bible student, CDAAC, active recovered AA with more than 25 years of continuous sobriety; author of 42 books and over 800 articles on the history of A.A. and the Christian Recovery Movement