When a health issue comes along the question is: "Which option do we choose?" Sooner or later any of us has to make this decision!

A misconception!

There is a dangerous misconception in people, that when they become sick they need a drug to make them feel better. In some situations, properly prescription medication does help and save lives. Many times, prescription for drugs is over-prescribed and therefore the risk by far exceeds any potential health benefits. Our spending towards health has been on the rise over years without the benefit of improving our health. On the contrary our life expectancy has shortened over time at a faster rate.

When the cure is worse than the disease!

It is really no surprise that some studies found absolutely no correlation between spending more on drugs and improved patients health outcome.

On average elderly people would have 40 prescription drugs during any given year; even children are taking on average up to 10 prescriptions annually. With all the drugs issued this hasn't stopped chronic diseases to increase and is still rising.

Staying on constant drug medication one can never claim of being completely cured by it or become healthy. At the same time, we should not underestimate the many side effects. Drugs that don't work are costly and can give anyone life threatening side effects. They never fix the illness itself; they only remove the symptom temporally.

Being on prescription drugs and medication is clearly not the way to optimal health but the conventional medical system would like us to believe it is. According to a press release some time ago Polypharmacy is responsible for up to 28 percent of hospital admissions and, if this be counted as such, it would be the fifth leading cause of death. Another issue that comes up on reports is about all the chemical cocktail of multiple drugs that many people are taking without being aware of the consequences. Adverse drug reactions are more common than anyone can imagine. This is a major health concern for all ages, not only for the elderly.

Optimal health is achievable without drugs!

With all due respect, there is no better than conventional medicine when it comes to trauma, emergency and surgery. Doctors and surgeons are the best within that field. For anything else alternative or natural medicine is far more effective.

In actual fact, your health will improve when you stop taking drugs and are no longer subjected to their side effects. "Warning" at the same time: "Do not stop taking any medication you are on until you see a knowledgeable natural health care practitioner who can help guide you."

We have become a popping pill society, for a restless night we take a pill, for any little twitch we take another one and if we think we could be getting a pain we take another pill before it happens. Our body's immune system is no longer able to defend itself because the pills are doing it and harming the body's own immune system. Immune protection is important and should always be continued. By being often sick and feeling unhealthy your immune system is letting you down. There is no reason to let this happen that those sick days ruin your life. By using natural products there are no risks involved or any side effects, unlike drugs that in many cases cause life-long dependency.

Sometimes with the smallest changes some solutions to health are stunningly simple; it puts modern medicine to shame. With the right diet, changing your eating plan and using a good natural supplement you can stop this happen. You can build a better stronger immune system and illness will no longer spoil your days.

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