We put our soul trusting in the love in the hands of other people. But no one out there can give us, what we really need. That what we are looking for, we can only find in ourselves. With the decision to love yourself, the most exciting journey of your life starts!

I can confirm this from my experience. We can perceive people differently because we can accept them as they are, as we can now can share unconditional love. There will be no more stereotyped thinking but true encounter.

Precisely this behavior is important for the future of the next 20 years. Unless we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, we cannot pass on true love. We need to develop respect and recognition as values, since the migration is rather increasing than diminishing.

With these values we must urgently treat Mother Earth as well, or hurricanes, earthquakes and floods hit us even more. Fracking for oil and gas will destroy our environment, and we certainly do not want that this planet looks inside like a Swiss cheese.

if we change our purchasing behavior from globally to regionally and only purchase what we really need, then not only our economy has a chance to survive, but we as consumers, too. We need new technology and energy sources. The change of energy sources also prevents wars.

There will be wars about water and food, too, if we do not change our behavior and develop values. Greed and inhumane treatment of people have no future or we all have no future!
Sustainability and values are the winners!

Let's start changing NOW!

Author's Bio: 

Angela Schulz-Henke is a success and business coach since 2008. Her mentors are among others John Assaraf, Michael Gerber and Bruce Lipton.

She works with EFT in her success coaching. She loves to support people who want to grow out of their comfort zone.