For those of you that know me and are aware that I have epilepsy, finding a safe, natural and effective treatment has been pretty much a priority of mine for the past 22 years. With that being said, I think I may have found it! No I am not “cured” of my seizures, YET but I think I am slowly but surely on my way to finding one.

Coconut oil, the amazing fat that is extracted from the fruit of the coconut holds a myriad of health benefits. It helps keep our skin and hair looking healthy, it helps fight off bad bacteria that can wreak havoc on our digestive systems, helps keep our cardiovascular systems in check and boosts the immune system and benefits the thyroid. Perhaps though, one of the most amazing properties that this oil possesses is its effects on brain health. It acts as an insulator for brain tissue and with its abundant amount of Medium Chain Triglycerides keeps the brain active and energized.

Our brains are made up of about 70% fat, it provides a source of energy and nutrients to the body that without it our bodies and our brains will become slow, and not function as they should. For over forty years now the Ketogenic diet has been the model to accomplish the feat of getting the adequate amount of fat for the “sick” brain. This is a diet extremely high in saturated fats, I.E butter, cream, and lard but lacks the good healthy fats that keep our hearts healthy, our waistlines happy and ultimately or brains working at their peak performance levels.

Today the Ketogenic diet as we know it has gone through many transitions, starting with the Atkins diet in the seventies and then the Zone diet in the nineties. Living with a neurological disorder I have tried both but can say I have found little or no benefit to my neurological status. I can say though that with their help and with my own modifications I was able to lose 80 lbs which I have still been able to keep off today! But wait… That is not what this story is about, it is about Fat and our brains and how consuming the right fat at the right times can help keep our brains healthy and happy.

Aside from our brains using fat as a means of fuel our brains also rely on fat as a means to keep it “insulated”, without this “insulation” our brains reaction time can slow which in turn can lead to movement difficulty, memory loss, depression and learning difficulties. The take away here is GET YOUR FAT! Don’t be afraid of it. Below are some great sources of fat that we should be including in our diets daily.
Coconut oil
Fish oil
Flax oil
Olive Oil

Keep on Keeping on Everyone

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Daniel Cohen is an Inflammation Wellness Counselor, Motivational Speaker and body image consultant working with disabled and able bodied men, women and children breakthrough their mental mindset that stops them from pushing ahead He does this by designing specialized wellness programs that help MOTIVATE, EDUCATE and REVAMP their health and well-being. For more information or if you have any questions please contact him at the e-mail address below to learn more