As I have just read the definitions for body, mind, and spirit for the second time, it is still rather baffling to me. Our body is the physical organism. Our mind is not just how we think, feel, or perceive the world around us, but it also includes the conscious and the unconscious experience.

When I hear the term of “unconscious,” my interpretation is thinking outside the box; our imagination. Not everyone is capable of thinking outside the box and always keeps their blinders on. As one who has been a teacher for forty years, I should know! I’ve seen the lack of imagination in certain children and in some parents, too.
Now, it is difficult to determine the reason some humans can’t think outside the box. Could it be the way they are raised? Or, does it have something to do with genetics?
For myself, I’ve always thought outside the box. If it weren’t for having an imagination and wondering about life, itself, I never would have purchased a hard copy of the, “Book of Urantia,” and read it from cover to cover. I needed to find the answers about our existence.

If our body is a physical organism, our mind is how we perceive the world around us, then what is the spirit? According to my interpretation, the spirit indwells in our mind and is known as the “Thought Adjuster,” and is destined to become part of the personality of a surviving mortal human. To my understanding, the Thought Adjuster is that little voice inside our head or a gentle nudge giving us a heads up on something that’s about happen.

After my mother passed away, a few months later, I was taking a bath. I heard a soft whisper telling me to close the shower doors because you won’t see her if you don’t. I closed the shower doors just in time to see the shape of my mother bending over the toilet. Mother had always been a germophobic and was very adamant about keeping the toilet seat clean. She always kept a diluted bottle of Lysol near the toilet and expected the seat to be wiped every time it was used as well as the flushing knob.
I never pictured if I ever saw my mother again, it would be her checking out the toilet. Fortunately, I had several dreams of my mother and I doing things together, like going shopping and traveling in the car.

Besides having dreams about my mother and the one time she came for that visit in the bathroom, she has come to tuck me in bed. She always had a habit of making sure my feet were securely tucked in and this tender action of her love always made me feel special.

When it comes to using the term, “more,” as implied in the title of this entry, I’m referring to soul, personality, and morontia. Those three terms are very complicated for me to understand. I confuse soul with spirit, personality with mind, and morontia as an apparition. Perhaps, as I continue reading the Book of Urantia for the second time, I’ll come to a better understanding of these terms.

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Sharon Beecroft Brown has had unusual encounters with the paranormal, which she knows was prompted by having three near-death experiences. She is a Christian and avid reader of the Book of Urantia. Check out her author site at