Chartered Accountancy itself is a complete course and does not need to be supported by several additional courses with CA. However, many students have been frequently asked which additional courses are offered with Chartered Accountancy. The reasons are different for each student, and it is said that some want to secure secondary grades because CAs are not easy to qualify for. Others want additional qualifications to benefit from the job search.
Whatever the reason, there are many career opportunities that Chartered Accountancy can offer you. We prepared this article to guide students looking for such additional courses.
Let's take a look at such a course together with CA below.
CS (Corporate Secretary):
CS is a corporate legal expert, which is why he was hired to handle corporate legal matters. This course is well known and has a place in the corporate world.
You may have seen many students around you who are both hunting CA and CS. The reason is that someone with a CA and CS degree can take advantage of endless management-level career opportunities. This interesting combination always looks out of the corporate world.
Like CA, CS is a long course that takes at least three years to complete. The best part of CA and CS courses is that they are very similar, and CS is considered easier than CA, so CA students have a better chance of earning a CS degree.
MBA (Master of Business Administration):
A licensed accountant can also pursue a career in finance. If that's your choice, an MBA in Finance may be an ideal choice for enhancing your career opportunities. A hired accountant is known for his expertise in various fields. One of them is finance. However, when certification authority is lacking, and an MBA is preferred, communication skills are required.
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The MBA is known for excellent communication skills and influential strength. Hence, an MBA in Finance can help you develop a wide range of administrative and communication skills. Imagine the number of career opportunities you will receive when your knowledge is combined with excellent administration and communication skills.
CMA (Cost and Management Accounting):
CMA is a certified course in India administered by the CMA Institute and is in charge of reviewing fees. If you are looking to advance your career with a manufacturing organization, CMA can be a great option. This course will add value to your profile. Again, the best part is that the subject is very similar to your CA course.
The CMA is in charge of processing company expense reports, while certification is in charge of processing its financial records. Taking both courses gives you an edge over other candidates who can only handle expense reports or financial records only.
ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants):
You may have heard of ACCA, which is rapidly gaining a foothold not only in India but also worldwide. It is a world-renowned profession that operates in 180 countries and is known worldwide for its accounting excellence.
Chartered Accountancy is only recognized in India, while ACCA is recognized worldwide. Taking both courses gives you the advantage of hiring an MNC to work with overseas clients or even work as an overseas company accountant.
This will provide you with additional knowledge of UK accounting standards and international law, which is sure to set you one step higher than Indian accountants. However, don't skip the CA course, as in India, only authorized specialists can audit an organization's annual accounts. ACCA covers global scenarios while CA covers local scenarios. Therefore, most companies prefer CA over ACCA. But of course, large companies working with international clients need CA and ACCA.
Summing up:
Here are a few courses that will provide you with additional qualifications in Chartered Accountancy. Remember, however, that knowledge is important, not just degrees. This organization employs people who can take their business to the next level, not degrees. You can get a job based on your degree, but growth always depends on your skills and intelligence.
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