Othello essays are sometimes very tricky to deal with; most of the students believe that they can get rid of Othello essays by providing the summary of the play which is all wrong. This is the reason, why students don’t get good grades in their Othello critical essays writing assignments.

Writing an Othello essay would demand critical analysis of all the characters in the play, description of the main plot. Only then you would be able to write a perfect piece of paper. Othello essays are more like a scholastic work requiring an intellects eye to deeply break down the novel in the form of essay. This is the reason, student have to be more careful while addressing with literary kind of essays. Following are some of the most effective tips that will help you write grade winning free Othello essays.

1- You have to read the novel in the first place if you want to write a good Othello essay. It is common that students don’t bother to read then novel and just rely on the summary they have read over the internet, if you are also doing this then let me tell you that this won’t work.

2- Remember, that you are writing on the character of Othello so focus on his skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. If you won’t stick to the topic of the Othello essay then you will not only confuse your readers but also yourself.

3- You must think out of the box to come up with something different, for this you can consult with different scholastic papers written on the character of Othello to broaden the horizon of your thinking.

4- Try to trigger the emotional hot buttons of the reader, this will help you conjure a better way of addressing the issue. For this purpose, you can focus on different emotional relationships between the characters, like the irrevocable love between Othello and his wife Desdemona, Iago’s enmity and rage justifying his relationship with Emilia. Moreover, you can also illustrate Rodrigo’s feeling for Desdemona in the novel,” Othello”.

5- If you want to generate more ideas about writing essays on Othello, you can consult different reviews written about the novel Othello as a whole and about its character to develop a little more insight about them. This would not only give you idea on how to develop ideas but also provide you different perspective about the characters.

6- Put yourself into the author’s shoes and write Othello essays from his vantage point, for instance; how the writer has effectively portrayed jealousy and obsession of Othello which destroyed the lives surrounding him.

Hence, you can do more by concentrating on tiny important things such as beware of grammatical and logical errors, craft an outline before writing the final draft, make sure all thing have fallen into place, have proofread the essay on Othello. These are minor things which students usually don’t bother to look at which immensely lower their grades, so take care of these little yet important things and get good grades in essay exams.

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