Years ago, osteoarthritis (OA) was misperceived to be a wear-and-tear condition of joints, a myth that is still perpetuated today…however, we now know that OA is actually a chronic inflammatory state within joint tissues. Years ago, we also misperceived that heart disease was simply a buildup of cholesterol and other substances on top of the wall of an artery…now we know that heart disease is actually a chronic inflammatory state in the within the artery wall. Consider the title of this article:

The answer to the title of this article is “yes.” For all practical purposes, the chemistry of osteoarthritis and atherosclerotic heart disease is identical. The view we should take is as follows: osteoarthritis is “heart disease” of the joints and heart disease is “osteoarthritis” of arteries.

All of these and more nutritional factors that create chronic inflammation are outlined in The DeFlame Diet. In other words, if you read and understand The DeFlame Diet, you will understand how osteoarthritis, heart disease, and other chronic diseases develop as we age.

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Dr. David Seaman, the first person to author a scientific paper that specifically hypothesized that diets can be pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. Since that paper about the “diet-induced pro-inflammatory state” was published in 2002, thousands of papers and numerous books have been published on the topic of diet and inflammation, which is now accepted as mainstream. Dr. Seaman’s original paper was referenced by researchers at the CDC and Harvard University.