Developing any kind of health problem can set anyone worrying. And, when it comes to spinal problems, getting the right treatment becomes extremely important for patients. Spine treatment Atlanta, when done timely, can help in improving the condition of a patient before things become worse. There are different types of spine problems which affect people. Initial indications are usually avoids by people. And, over the period of time, condition worsens making even movement challenging. Of all types of spine problems, osteoarthritis of the spine needs immediate attention; so that you can continue perform daily chores without being dependent on others.

There are several reasons why people are specifically disposed to spinal osteoarthritis. However, just like any other worrying condition affecting body, it is the combination of several risk factors which work together causing osteoarthritis. Although there are several causes for spinal osteoarthritis, some of the most common causes are repetitive traumas to human spine from strains caused due to work-related activities, accidents, sports injuries, surgery and poor posture. Instead of delaying treatment and thinking that condition will improve over the period of time, you should consult an orthopedic surgeon timely for the treatment so that you can live smooth life.

Risk factors for osteoarthritis of the spine

Though spinal arthritis can happen to anyone, usually it is athletes as well as people whose job need constant, and specifically heavy motion are found to be at a great risk of developing this condition. Given below are other risk factors which can trigger spinal arthritis.

Associated diseases–If you are suffering from other associated diseases such as diabetes, different types of circulating arthritis like gout or rheumatoid arthritis and infections

Gender–It is important for you to know that this condition is common among women who have reached post-menopausal state. It is common in males too who are below the age of 45 years.

Genetics–In case you have a family history of congenital defects or osteoarthritis of leg, spine or joints

Aging–Advanced as well as steady aging of spinal structures. It begins in thirties, and is often related to work.

Excess weight- Having excess weight causes more stress of spine and weight-bearing joints, specifically during middle age years

In some cases, particular cause ofspinal osteoarthritis is not known, and is known as primary osteoarthritis. It usually occurs because of natural process of aging. Aging causes changes in synovial fluid and cartilage as the protein content diminishes and water content increases. For spine treatment Atlanta, you should look for an experienced and skilled orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Erik Bendiks. Having experience spanning over a decade makes in treating spinal problems make him the most renowned and reliable doctor.

One of the most important things is to ensure that no matter what, you should not avoid any spinal pain. Patients should be active to take interest in treating osteoarthritis of the spine as it will help in preventing further damage to the spine. Also it will help you continue to perform daily activities without being dependent on others.

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Suffering from osteoarthritis of the spine can make life difficult for you. Timely treatment is the key to manage life easily despite this condition.