Osteoarthritis, which is also referred as Wear-and-Tear Arthritis and Degenerative Arthritis, is commonly caused in the weight bearing joints such as knees, lower back, hips etc. Osteoarthritis is typically caused by damage caused to joint cartilage. In our body, the ends of the bone joints remain covered with a slippery tissue called cartilage. Further, our bones have certain watery elements which take care of these cartilages. Due to osteoarthritis, these bones start to lose the watery element which causes friction in our bones thus causing harm to cartilages, due to which these cartilages lose their power to protect the end of the bones.

Though age is one of the main factors in Osteoarthritis, however researches show that there are many other causes of Osteoarthritis as well:

1.Obesity – In an overweight person, the weight bearing joints lose control and are not able to bear the whole-body weight anymore which causes Osteoarthritis.

2.Injury or over use of a particular joint – Osteoarthritis can be caused due to any injury in a particular bone joint. Sometimes it happens that we tend to use a particular joint too much than others. For example, knee joint. Knee joint can be overused by too much cycling or too much usage of stairs. In these cases, that particular joint bears tremendous pressure which causes Osteoarthritis.

3.Family history – This is one of the most common factors for this disease. If someone in your family has this disease, it tends to affect the future generations also.

Following are the symptoms of Osteoarthritis:

1.Feeling extreme pain and swelling in the affected area

2.Pain gets even worse during walking or climbing stairs

3.A crackling sound can be heard while the movement of that particular joint which has got affected.

If you are suffering from Osteoarthritis, no need to worry. There are Ayurvedic Treatments in Delhi for Osteoarthritis which is totally safe, natural and heals it completely. In Ayurveda, Osteoarthritis is a Vata disorder which is caused due to excessive Vata energy which in turn causes dryness and immobility of bone joints. The following therapies are there in Ayurveda:






6.Janu Vasti


All these therapies are done in different stages which depends on the age, severity and disability of the patient. Ayurvedic treatment for Osteoarthritis includes massages, joint exercises, diet and herbal medicines. Massages and exercises help to improve mobility of the stiff joints. Patient needs to follow proper diet chart, prescribed by the doctor, so as to maintain the right weight needed as per age and height of the patient. Obesity is a strict “no” for the patients suffering from Osteoarthritis.

In Delhi, there are many clinics/hospitals providing ayurvedic treatment for Osteoarthritis where patients are being taken care of by well-educated and renowned doctors and massage therapists. The patient needs to have patience and follow the instructions given by the doctors. Only then Osteoarthritis can be cured fully or to the maximum extent, depending on the severity of the disease. Choose a reputable ayurvedic clinic, get treated and live a painless, happy life.

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