Inspired by the veggy model, this diet advocated by an American doctor is almost devoid of fat but rich in vegetables and fruits. If the primary goal is to improve heart health, weight loss is a secondary benefit. But beware of deficiencies!

Another newcomer in the sphere of fashionable diets! The Ornish diet, named after its designer, was initially intended to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . Researcher at the University of California and pioneer of the "Lifestyle Heart Trial", Dr. Dean Ornish has become known through his extensive study on the influence of a change in lifestyle (diet but also physical activity, management stress ...) on the well-being of coronary patients. Result: besides the benefits on certain health parameters (cholesterol, blood pressure ...), Dr. Ornisch noticed while following his advice, his patients also lost weight. So here is the genesis of the Ornish regime.

Ornish diet: I eliminate what foods?
. I suppress almost all fats : nothing to do with the ketogenic diet that is good for (good) fat like salmon and avocado! Dr. Ornish believes that lipids make the bed for obesity and heart disease. In his concept, less than 10% of daily calories must come from fat! Then exit: meat, fish, non-lean dairy products, oils (even olive), sauces, avocado ...

. I limit proteins (meat, non-lean dairy products, egg white ...) that must not represent more than 18 to 24% of total daily calories.

. I also minimize sugar, salt , alcohol and industrial dishes.

Ornish diet: what am I eating?
. I consume fruits and vegetables at will for their high fiber content . The quota is fixed at 40 g of fiber per day.

. I also prefer cereals, legumes and seeds, always with the aim of increasing the daily ration of fiber.

Ornish diet: the typical menu
· Breakfast: fruit juice, cereals, fruits and lightened plain yoghurt.

. Snack: fruits

· Lunch: vegetables, cereals, wholemeal bread, green salad and fruit.

. Snack: fruits

· Dinner: vegetables, pasta, fruit.

The benefits of the Ornish diet
. I do not limit quantities. Although the prohibitions are numerous, on the other hand, the authorized foods are at will. Example: fruits and vegetables. In addition, you have to do three meals a day plus two snacks ... to the extent, of course, where you pick in the list of permitted foods.

. I'm slim. Of course, from the moment when we virtually eliminate all sources of fat, it plays on the weight! And as we also moderate sugar, alcohol etc ... the finish, we swallow significantly fewer calories each day.

. I am improving my cholesterol level. This is one of the goals of the Ornish regime. We know today that enriching your fiber diet helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol (LDL). Moreover, Ornish and his team were the first to demonstrate that heart disease could be reversible without medication or surgery.

The disadvantages of the Ornish diet
. I consume too little fat, especially the good essential fatty acids, including the valuable Omega 3 found in oily fish and some oils. Recall that health authorities now recommend consuming 20-35% of lipids per day and that many studies have shown that consuming good fat is beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system. In his defense, it must be said that the Ornish diet was born in the middle of a period of fat hunting. Since then, it is rather sugar that is in the sights of health experts.

. I eat little variety and not nice. The risk is the monotony because, for lack of fat, we can hardly cook greedy while we know that a very exclusive diet is unlikely to be followed in the long term. The concept of pleasure is now rehabilitated by nutritionists.

. I may be hungry. Certainly, foods rich in fiber bring a feeling of satiety ... but as part of a varied and balanced diet. Otherwise, again, it is not sustainable in the long run.

Since the work of Dr. Ornish, the scientific community has evolved and modified its recommendations over the years and numerous studies on "Diet and heart risks". There is good to remember in Ornish as consuming more fruits and vegetables, seeds ... But beware of any scheme excluding! In case of heart disease, it is dangerous to start any diet without the advice of a doctor. or Expert dietician - Best Dietician in India

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