Women stoles have been in usage since an ancient era in India. Modern stoles are being used as fashion accessory as well as in form of short shawls in winter season.

Women stoles have today become the inseparable part of their apparels. These come in a medley of mesmerizing designs, colors and sizes and are in craze amidst the Indian as well as western ladies all around the world.

Origin of stoles:-

• Hindu god Vishnu and their several incarnations (Rama, Krishna) have been mentioned in various scriptures wearing a yellow stole (Peetambar) over his shoulder and breast. Several other Hindu Gods and Goddess like Ganesha, Hanuman are portrayed wearing stoles on shoulder or waist in different eye catching styles.
• Stoles are also being used by ancient kings, queens, priests and elite people since a long period of time.
• Numismatists have also found several coins of Gupta Empire, which are imprinted with kings wearing stoles.

Some interesting facts about stoles:-

1. Difference between stoles and dupatta: Dupatta is larger in size in comparison to stole and is called orni, chunri, chunni etc. The women of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilization used to wear duppata. It's considered the symbol of modesty in Hindu and Sikh culture.
2. Difference between stoles and scarves: Stoles are larger scarves. It means, scarves are light weighted and smaller in size. These are usually worn around the neck or head.
3. Difference between stoles and shawls: Stoles also act as mini-shawls if made by wool. Shawls are larger and used for only winter purpose.
4. Difference between stoles and sashes: Stoles can be called as wider sashes. Sashes are thinner than stoles are usually worn by students along with gown and cap and Christian priests. Designer sashes are worn by beauty and other celebrities. These can be worn on waist and over shoulder.

5. Different types of Indian women stoles: Women stoles are being made in different types. Which include:-
(I.) As per material: Women stoles are handcrafted using various materials. Some of the stoles include Silk Stoles, Pashmina Stoles, Cotton Stoles, Woolen Stoles, Georgette Stoles, Viscose Stoles etc.
(ii.) As per decoration: Indian women stoles come with embellishment of several work. Some stoles are embroidered stoles, Beaded stoles, Sequin stoles, stoles with Mirror Work etc.

6. Usage of women stoles:-
(I.) Designer stoles can be worn as fashion accessory along with saree, tunic, tops, kurti, jeans and salwar suit. (ii.) Modern stoles are also being used as short shawls in winter season.

7. Different styles of wearing stoles:-
I.Put on the left shoulder, then pass across the breast and then back to right
II.Put from the back of neck across shoulders to breast, while the two ends either crossing each other or falling down straight
III.Tie around the waist or hips

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