Are you like me and tend to make a dozen New Years Resolutions and don't really follow through on any of them? That has been my problem for years, but not this year, I have a new system that I think will work for me.

Did you ever wonder why you don't follow through?
Did you ever wonder what happened to all of that determination that you had when you made your list?

I went through the same thing and actually took the time to sit down and try to figure out; why I can follow through on so many things in my life, make lists and get them finished, but I mess up on this, year after year. Actually, what I learned is very simple! None of the things on my list was really what I considered a priority in my life. Sure they all were things that I had thought about, or rather 'wished' about, from time to time, but 'none' were going to make or break my living cycle.

Just think about the last list that you made, when you read over the list of things that you have on there, are any of them 'all that' important to you? Probably not, they are probably just like my things on my list and the fact that 'if it happens', it would be nice, but I am not going to knock myself out trying to get them done. Does that sound about right?

So, this year I have a new goal in life and that is, to have only priority things on my list. Things that I know, that I really want to have changed and improved about myself or my surroundings. The day after New Years, I will start with item one and keep going until they are all finished. Not only will I have the list but I will set a deadline for myself, to have all of this finished. My guess would be that thirty days should be long enough to finish them all, because now I have a goal in mind that I am willing and able to achieve.

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jan Hayner is a Professional Organizer that looks for ways of making life easier and relieving the stress of everyday problems. She is the creator of Organizing Your Life THE EASY WAY. Check her website for tips and hints on home organizing and house cleaning shortcuts.