In opposition to time and cost heavy traditional mobile enterprise application development, HokuApps has automated the mobile enterprise application development to deliver cross-platform apps that are reliable, affordable and made at 10x speed.

But how exactly does the environment of an organization benefit from mobile enterprise application platforms?

  Ease of Accessibility
Due to the widespread use of mobile phones and similar devices, the development of mobile enterprise apps ensures maximum usage. Their availability creates a platform for communication and eliminates any obstructions to the flow of ideas and opinions. The HokuApps mobile enterprise application platform ingrains all apps with a communication framework for real-time chat and notifications.

As everyone gets connected under a single umbrella application with this framework, organizational efficiency rapidly increases. Enterprise mobility solutions also ensures constant connectivity. Space and time is no longer a barrier to communication. Mobile enterprise applications eliminate the issue of distance without compromising functionality. This allows employees a lot more freedom while simultaneously increasing efficiency.

   Enable Creative Problem-Solving
With the increase in communication, solving problems and making decisions becomes an expedited process. MEAP applications provide a user-friendly network that permits quick discussions and fast exchange of suggestions. Decision makers have access to mobile apps with Enterprise Administration Backend to administer the apps, and come equipped with a granular reporting engine that provide real-time data analysis that if fully configurable.

Deliberations no longer remain confined to human data collation. The mobility of the mobile enterprise application platforms allow a larger thinking environment which becomes an inspirational backdrop that promotes out-of-the-box thinking. Decisions can hence be made immediately and responses can be received in real time.

    Save Valuable Resources
Not only do mobile enterprise application platforms save time, they also reduce the requirement of manpower and cut down costs. Utilizing these applications allows a single employee to connect through several devices as this technology work on Android, iOS and the Web. It also eliminates the tedious requirement of paperwork as data can be accessed on all smart devices from anytime-anywhere, which in turn optimizes usage of time and financial resources. The enterprise applications reduce the involvement of humans in certain areas which brings down the cost of manual labor.

An App for Every Requirement
Mobile enterprise application development does not limit themselves to a singular function. There are several options within enterprise apps that are directed towards fulfilling specific requirements.

1.Content Management Systems [CMS]
This help organizes a large amount of content of different types. They allow the exchange of content such as information, statistics etc. in a hassle-free manner.

2.Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]
These simplify the administrative aspects of the organization and ensure the smooth functioning of its various parts. They allow people in higher posts to supervise in an easier way. They also provide a platform for employees to communicate easily.

3.Customer Relationship Management [CRM]
These accumulate customer related data which may be analyzed to employ methods that would lead to an increase in client satisfaction.

4.Order Management Applications
These are aimed at overseeing orders from the early stages until the delivery takes place. They help in consolidation of order related data which makes answering questions related to orders much easier.

There are also other such mobile applications designed to serve specific functions depending on the personal requirement.

Get Ahead With HokuApps Mobile Enterprise Application Platform
With competition constantly building, there is a need to keep up with technology advancement and explore new possibilities. Mobile enterprise application platforms are a shining example of revolutionary technology that represents innovation which must be integrated into present systems to help businesses stay ahead of the competition.

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