Unique among organisms, green plants contain the pigment chlorophyll which gives them the power to turn the sun’s energy into stored biochemical energy.

Chlorella has a higher concentration of chlorophyll than any green plant on the planet. Because of this - combined with its powerful chlorella growth factor - chlorella is perhaps one of the most efficient producers of stored energy on earth.

Chlorella has twice as much protein per ounce than a t-bone steak… has six times more beta-carotene than Popeye’s spinach, and beats liver when it comes to vitamin B12. In fact chlorella is one of the very few plants that have the active form of B-12 our bodies can use. In addition to its ample supply of zinc, folic acid, healthy fats and vitamin D. Not to mention its concentration of important minerals like magnesium and zinc -- Chlorella beats out just about any other form of food when it comes to concentrated nutrition.

Chlorella’s unique chlorella growth factor (CGF) allows it to quickly regenerate. If the local environment is especially conducive to growth, chlorella can quickly ramp up reproduction and spread. By the same token, if something develops that wipes out a large chlorella colony, this same growth factor can help it quickly restore its numbers through cellular reproduction. This same growth factor is what many health experts attribute to chlorella’s unique ability to spur tissue repair and regeneration in human bodies.

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