So you have luscious fruit growing on your fruit trees and are looking forward to having a good crop. But you seem to be worried? Is it the thought of keeping Aphids, fruit flies, and coddling moths at bay that is giving you sleepless nights? Sure these thoughts must be troubling you as they do every gardener, having an orchard. The surest and simplest cure for your troubles lies in organic gardening pest control, which is nothing but a bunch of healthy recipes to keep pests under control.

These organic gardening pest control solutions are readily available, extremely beneficial, and easy to prepare as these employ things that we commonly use in our daily routine. Being organic, these are extremely beneficial for the fruit trees and can in no way harm them like the synthetic pest control remedies often tend to do.

Baits and Horticultural Oil - Coddling moths are best tackled with the help of sticky traps and corrugated cardboard. If facing this problem, you can use pheromone baits. Horticultural oil can be sprayed on the leaves of fruit trees for dealing with their larvae. It also proves beneficial in dealing with spider mites, which are another common pest bothering fruit trees.

Organic Soap Solution - Sprayed in the evenings, this is another way to tackle the annoying spider mites that infest the fruit trees during the late summer season. Apart from this, one can also spay special oil, which again works wonders.

Natural Predators - Aphids are best tackled when left to the mercy of natural predators. Make sure that you have plenty of these around to help you deal with this problem. Lacewings and ladybugs are some of the good natural predators that can help fruit farmers.

Borers are another variety of pests that attack fruit trees. To protect your trees from their onslaught, it is advisable to cover up their trunk. However, if they have already been infected, which would be evident from tell-tale signs as wilted stems and stiff bark, inject the stems with nematodes. It helps kill the remaining larvae. It is advisable to pull off the severely affected stems.

Oriental fruit moths are another nuisance that fruit growers often face. To expose their larvae and deal with them, it is advisable to till the soil around the affected trees.
The best way to protect your fruit trees from pests is to do it organically. You will be surprised by the results.

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