Chocolate is not just a dessert – ask any fan and they will boast of its properties of being an antioxidant, its body, flavour – almost like a Sommelier. Here's our guide on making the best quality organic cacao for your hotel, restaurant, small and home-based business.
Chocolate – Organic

The quality of a chocolate is not in the hands of master chocolatier – it begins in the rainforest orchards. It’s said that the best cocoa farmers have intimate knowledge of the trees in their cocoa farms and see that each fruit is looked after with much tenderness. A tree must be exposed to the wind to ‘breathe' from all four directions so that the fruits ripen fast.

Santa Barbara Chocolate sources its organic chocolate from farmers whose methods are sustainable and ethical, every step of the way. In addition, the premier organic chocolate has USDA certification for its elegant flavouring and quality. Avail yourself of price concessions when buying bulk purchases on the wholesaler.

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Pure Organic Cacao

This is termed ‘raw chocolate’ and is known for its robust, vivid taste in the industry of health food. Also known as (non-alcoholic) liquor, the home-baker adores it for its unblemished chocolate.
For bakers who want the unsweetened variety of chocolate, the folks at Santa Barbara Chocolate offer premier organic cacao. Its benefits are sought after by chocolate aficionados and athletes who want the uncompromised version. You can purchase this chocolate for baking recipes or for its health benefits even in bulk, or if you want it sweetened add the quantity of sugar that is preferable to you. This, too, can be purchased in bulk from the stores.

What makes the Pure Cacao (100%) so special?

It’s important for chocolate farmers to understand what their consumers need. With the initiative of going green and being sustainable, many insist on types of food that is organic and sourced/grown in ethical ways. The pure cacao available at Santa Barbara Chocolate looks into all aspects of being socially aware in their chocolate farming.
Another factor that makes this chocolate one of the best in the industry is because it is governed by stringent standards on quality and guarantees chocolate harvested from the rainforest. These profits are used to guarantee a sustainable livelihood for those residents of those communities and a better way of life.

Buying Wholesale Quantities of Chocolate

You can be a home baker, restaurateur, professional, or just a chocolate addict – buying bulk or wholesale quantities of chocolate are easier with Santa Barbara Chocolate, whether you are in the US or overseas. A flat rate is charged with no added hassle and the company provides shipping so that you can start adding chocolate into our cart. For your ease, Santa Barbara Chocolate will also add complimentary ice packs and insulation to get you started.

All forms of chocolate are tested for its luster, versatility, and flavour. This bulk chocolate meets the highest standards and can be used gourmet quality desserts. For hot fusion food involving food, you can opt to order the Belgian couverture ones that are ideal to temper and melt at varying degrees of heat.

For the highest quality of chocolate, speak to the specialist in organic chocolate harvested from rainforests in the most sustainable methods. When you make your purchases from Santa Barbara Chocolate, you are not only guaranteed of great gourmet-style chocolate available in no-surprise rates but will also be supporting the marginalized communities that grow it.

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