It is easy to manage your orders when your business is new and small. But once your brand starts being visible to people, and your sales increase and business starts growing it becomes difficult to manage your orders with the same efficiency. Order management is when the real work starts- because it is the outcome of this process which determines if a user will place an order with you again or choose a new online store.

Here is how you can please your new customers and retain the old ones for your online store-


The process of order management begins when a customer places an order with you. To boost further orders, make sure that your cart is visible all the time while a user is surfing your store. You can also offer incentives for placing orders with you like free shipping and discount codes on the next purchase.

ProTip : Try inventory management tools which keep you updated on all the orders placed on multiple marketplaces at one place. This will save a lot of time for you and make order management easy for you.


After an order is successfully placed, it is mandatory for you to offer multiple modes of payments for your users. Give your users secure payment options which are reliable and quick. The ratio of purchases made will increase if your payment methods can be processed quickly.


As your business grows you will have multiple orders to fulfil. It will, therefore, be very important for you to manage the packing of the orders efficiently. Make sure that the orders are packed correctly and every special request made by the customers, for instance, notes or gift wraps have been performed. Also, the material for you packing should be sturdy and reliable so that it withstands the elements so that the products are delivered in the best conditions. Also, it prevents returns due to wrong orders fulfilment and defected or broken products. Good packing goes a long way in building a reliable reputation for your store.


Dispatching the orders properly also forms an intricate part of your order management. Ensure that the shipping services and courier services you picked provide quick and reliable service. It is to be taken care of that the products are not orders are not misplaced, lost or broken while the dispatch process. The cost of these services is also to be contemplated in accordance with the growth of your business and for the ease of your customers.


This is the final part of the order management and this is when your services are put to test. It is indispensable that the consumers receive the orders in the best conditions and on time. You can give them the option to track their orders so that they are ready to receive their orders. If your customer is happy with the delivery, then congratulations you have won happy consumers! Happy customers are loyal customers!

Once the orders are fulfilled, it will please your customers with a follow-up email asking them if they are satisfied with their services. If they are pleased you can encourage them to provide you a review and if there is any problem you can offer to provide any assistance you could. This will keep you a step above your competitors and make your customers feel that you actually care about them. Instant win-win!

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