Since we are having many layoffs in recent times, HR executives encounter many challenges in today’s revised business occurrences. Identifying talent, finding ways to appeal to candidates, and hiring efficiently is essential. Nevertheless, the workforce is growing, and career expectations are changing. It’s crucial for HR managers to have the right tools to engage with candidates and create a great candidate experience.

Introducing Oracle Recruiting Booster:

“Oracle Recruiting Booster will help our customers successfully hire talent quickly and efficiently with an optimized candidate experience,” said Mr. Nadendla. With savvy, scalable, and secure applications, we can help organizations with their most complex staffing challenges by automating corporate tasks so workers can stay focused on better user experiences. Also, this recruiting software has additional excellent features for event promotions, interview scheduling, and Oracle digital assistant. Oracle Recruiting leverages candidate pools, and CRM to provide robust sourcing; empowering recruiters with top recommendations using AI matching to make the best data-driven recruiting decisions.

Candidate attraction:

The prior challenge for any organization is to draw the right profile of a particular role of a candidate according to our business needs. Oracle Recruiting software assists a company to hire the right talent with its built-in design tools to create customized content, an easy application process with just one ID login either a phone number or an email address, two-way SMS exchanges, and up-to-date profile updation, instead of multiple ruckuses, this software provides personalized one source for internal employees as well to check for other job postings.

Candidate Engagement:

Not only makes way to hire a suitable person but it is also essential to create awareness as oracle recruiting software does. Oracle Recruiting software isn’t only targeting outer talent but also encouraging internal employees. This software builds stronger employee relations and individual employee interest to know better about them. Helps in evaluating the best talent within the team, and manages social campaigns all in one place.

Based on the employee's personal interests, skills, and qualifications the AI finds suitable job recommendations which are open to apply.


Oracle recruiting software also allows self-interview scheduling for their own interviews by minimizing the time taking process for the HR team and interviewers. Enhance productivity by engaging with the tools like job postings, communication, candidate screening, interviews, and offers automatically. Also, create new requisitions and offers, running up the process. Gears up the workflow by transforming the new hires & new roles of the employees based on your requirements.


The keenest part of this Oracle recruiting software is its Onboarding feature. This allows personalized tasks that customize onboarding activities to the individual department, and specify each and every employee role, employment type, and other applicable policies by fulfilling the candidate’s onboarding experience much easier. Pre-onboarding features allow the new candidate to know the team culture even before day one in the office. This software encourages follow-up of the tasks to finish like daily activities and goals for the first month on regular basis.

Recruitment analytics and reporting:

Visualize the metrics and the analytics that showcases the candidate’s phase-wise pipeline - right from the screening, interview, and selection, accepting the HR offer till onboarding. Also, we can view and track a lot of reports for the analysis of active offers, new job openings, new job applications to view, incidents at the workplace to track, and job requisitions to match the end-of-the-day report for all the candidates.

Learn additionally about the experience, skills, and aspirations of employees with access to talent data enfolding at all phases of employment. Helps in making wiser decisions by understanding recruiting’s impact on the rest of the business—HR, finance, customer experience (CX), and more.

Oracle recruiting software is wisely integrated with the professional social media platform Linkedin for the relevant Linkedin candidate recommendations. This software also reinforces with certified tools such as First Language, Talemetry OCR, ADP, HireRight, Speexx Language Assessment, and pymetrics, etc. are maintained for the hiring process easier.

Key Benefits of Oracle Recruiting:

● Leverages Oracle HCM values, the growth does not require a rebuild of HCM values and fields
● Internal candidates benefit from an accelerated application process as their personal information is already grasped in Oracle HCM and Skills and Qualification pages
● Provides a frictionless and easy candidate experience
● Target CRM campaigns to candidate talent pools
● Get collaborative hiring support with embedded interview management, and active offer letter generation

According to a recent study, there is the utmost positive feedback in migrating to the Oracle recruitment software. About 94% of recruiting professionals experienced a positive impact in their recruitment process. 98% of Fortune 500 companies use this recruitment software and 70% of recruiting professionals prefer in investing this software. This AI-developed recruiting software can read and identify the complete candidate details from the resumes.

Finally yet importantly, On the raising need for Oracle HCM Cloud in the IT industry, to be straight, the certifications and job opportunities were huge these days. There is no specific bachelor’s degree to pursue your career as an HCM consultant. All you need is a bachelor’s degree whatever maybe the stream including Freshers with any graduation degree also IT Consultants working in Oracle EBS, JD Edwards, or any other ERP / candidate having Human Resources domain experience can work on having this Oracle Fusion HCM certification. Check it out below:

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