The Law of Attraction says that whatever you think about, you bring about. The way we think is a choice that we make.

We can think good thoughts - OR - We can think bad thoughts.

We can think about what we really want - OR - We can think about all the problems that are overwhelming us.

We can think about the health and all the good that we have physically - OR - We can think about the infirmities, other aches,pains,and discomforts that we have.

We can think about the money we have been blessed to have, the wonderful financial future that awaits us because we deserve it, feel we are worth it, and feel that it is already ours - OR - We can think about all the debt that we have and the negative future more debt will bring.

We can think about the wonderful job and opportunity we have to make an honest living, providing for ourselves and our family members enjoying the great freedoms and comforts that most of the world will never see, and at the same time learning about what we really need to have, to be comfortable and nourished internally - OR - We can think about the job that is suffocating us, draining us of our energy, sucking all the time and life out of us, elevating our stress and blood pressure, taking us from our family time, paying just enough to disqualify us from getting government assistance, making us work around people that we cannot stand and bringing out the worst in us.

We can think about the initial reasons we fell in love with our mates and the list of wonderful qualities that attracted us to them - OR - We can think about all the
character defects, personality quirks and bad domestic habits.

We can think about the calming music that we are hearing, imagining that we are driving along the coast, smelling the fresh ocean, hearing the waves crash against the shores, the seagulls above and noticing the sailboats at a distance - OR - We can think about the awful rush hour traffic jams with cars traveling five miles per hour or less for miles, people looking angry, frustrated and miserable.

We can think about the little blessings that God gave us as we recognize that our young ones are in good health, and their grades in school are good - OR - We can think about the unruly kids in the house, making noise and keeping their room a total mess.

We can think about all the good that we have received and as we ponder on the many, many blessings that we are grateful for tears start to form - OR - We can think about the depressing thoughts that sometime pass through our minds regarding life and life lessons.

You see it is all a matter of choice.

You can understand why this subject of optimism is so important to have internalized as a mentor. You can’t give what you don’t have. Children “Be what they see.” They do not, “Be what you say.” Children don’t understand the adult’s admonitions and directives apart from their physical presentation. In order for your training or molding to take place, you have to have congruence with your total language. If you don’t have a firm belief in what you are saying or your body language is saying something else, your children will pick up on that. The results will be rebellion, arrogance, backtalk or just doing the thing that you told them not to do. When you internalize optimism, that energy is also picked up by your kids. When they see the best in you, which is demonstrated by your total language, you will naturally see them respond in a favorable way. So as you are having discussions with your child, demonstrate optimism with him/her and tell them how much you believe in the best within them. It is important to distinguish the outer self and their inner self. The outer self can err, do foolish and silly things and be mean-spirited. Whereas the inner self is always the self of truth, love, great potential, and is where all the great assets are hidden. Therefore when you are consistent in saying how you love and believe in the best within them, you are going past their outer self of worldly influence. They can feel that, especially when they have done some kind of wrong and you still say the same thing about believing in their inner self and loving that which is within them.

There is a certain energy attached to optimism and when you are truly optimistic, people around you can feel it and they in turn start to feel positive. When I am in the grocery store check out line and I am in front of the cashier, they normally ask, “how are you doing today?” And when they see my face and hear my response such as, “I feel so good I feel like levitating. How does it feel on the ground?” They light up and start to feel better instantly. Optimistic energy draws more optimistic energy to you, while those that are pessimistic won’t come around. When you internalize optimism, you emit an aura of protection against negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are always going to be around, but they are at a minimum when you are charged with these positive ions. There is now no welcome mat for negativity, so why would negativity hang around where it is not welcomed? You feel better inside and outside. If you have a cold or some other type of dis-ease in your body temple, you will get better faster with an optimistic mind-set than one that is not optimistic.

Author's Bio: 

Nazim Rashid operated as the CEO of his consulting firm “Nazim Rashid Consulting,” since 1993, now called New U Enterprises LLC., certified by the San Francisco Board for Conflict Resolution Training, recognized by the International Who’s Who of Professional Management for his work with young people and is currently in their 2001 directory. He currently serves as Consultant, Life Coach, Author, Personal Development Specialist, and Talk Show Host. He also has to his credit his first publication, curriculum and training manual entitled, “Young Fathers’ Life Skills Curriculum and Facilitators Guide.” His second publication entitled, “Reconnected-How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self,” focuses on repairing emotional wounds experienced in childhood while learning valuable personal development skills.