This mind-set has to exist before any objectives or goals can be realized. Optimism - “ism” means “a belief in” and “optim” comes from the word “optimal” and the Latin word “optimus,” which means “the most, the max, the best, all the way, the top of.” So optimism, for our purpose here, means “The strong belief that the best is possible and probable in my life.” Your life reflects your belief system.

The benefits of being optimistic are:

- Improved relationships
- An experience of more positive rewards and positive people
- Others are affected by your positive energy
- Improved health
- Goals and objectives realized
- Self-esteem raised
- Self-image expanded
- Overall good feelings increased

The mind operates from its dominant thought, so if you are thinking about anything you don’t want, you are going to attract that same thing to you. Why? Because that, is the object on your mind. For example, you wish your headache would go away. You are thinking about this headache repeatedly. You start to feel worse because the headache hasn’t gone away and might have increased. What happened here? The only object on your mind was your headache. Since your mind focuses on the object you are holding on to, it draws the object to you, your headache stays with you, and maybe increases. You drew the headache and more of it to you by your thoughts. The mind doesn’t accept negations. You might say, “That isn’t fair, I said that I did not want the headache, not that I wanted the headache.” Your mind doesn’t hear the “not,” only the object. The mind heard, “I want the headache and more headaches,” and so by the Law of Attraction, you receive more headaches. Knowing how this universal principle works, wouldn’t it be a better idea to hold the object of what you really want instead of what you don’t want?

There are some prerequisites before you receive your goodies. You have to be a good visualizer. You have to really see yourself enjoying the benefits of the idea or object on your mind. Afterwards, you need to apply strong feelings to your prize. Feel the feelings of having that item, that you have already received it. Close your eyes and imagine that you are already enjoying:

▸ That car of your dreams
▸ That soul mate
▸ That job that fits you
▸ That business opportunity
▸ That publishing deal
▸ That vacation in Jamaica
▸ That monthly massage at the resort of your choice
▸ That diverse stock portfolio
▸ That mortgage paid off
▸ That credit debt made history
▸ That family becoming peaceful again

We can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable. We are in control of those choices and no one else holds that responsibility. When you choose to be happy and optimistic, according to the Law of Attraction, you must receive the same, which will add to your happiness and reaffirm your optimism. There is always something to notice wrong with you, your surroundings or the people that you see. Why focus your needed energy on those items? If some of those things get fixed, there will just be more to take its place. Why? Because you are attracting more of the same to be there. It is not going to stop, so why be in that mode of continuing to bring on more unhappiness? How about focusing on the other side? There is another side that is being ignored on too many occasions. There is a lot of right with you, your surroundings and the people that you see. A rose has beautiful smelling, brilliant petals and it has some very sharp thorns. What are you going to focus on? What are you choosing to receive? The prick or the fragrance? The punishment or the reward? And that is what it really comes down to in life.

We either receive the rewards of our proper mental mind-set or the punishments of our ignorance of the Law of Attraction. What do we really want in life? We make choices every day for or against ourselves. When we make the decisions that are not in our behalf and the pain sets in on one level or another, we wonder as we ask ourselves, “Why is this happening?” Why don’t we think about the two universal laws we cannot escape? 1. Cause and Effect and 2. Law of Attraction.

Optimism will bring hope, love and light to a dim life of despair and depression. Optimism, once modeled and consistently demonstrated, will stimulate and motivate the person to dig down into their most inward possibilities and bring forth the greatness that matches their new levels of self-esteem and self-image. When a parent shows that they are optimistic about their child, and says to them that they truly believe and are supportive in the best that is within them, there is nothing that child feels they cannot accomplish.

The healthy-minded parent says to their child that:

▸ They see in them greatness which is greater than anything they could imagine
▸ They see gold mines within them
▸ They were born through excellence, greatness and by the Grace of God
▸ They have a promised destiny to be major contributors in life

When a child hears and feels the energy of the above statements from their parent(s), this is when the seed of miracles is planted. Whatever that child decides to do as they mature, their objective will be seen through the eyes of optimism, excellence, and making their goals a historic fact.

This is what makes optimism a real step by step process. Too often when people hear the word optimism, they blow it off or they say, “Sure I believe in the best,” without knowing the process to make it real in their lives. Know what you want. Believe you are worth receiving it. Know you deserve it. See yourself enjoying it. Feel the feelings of having it. Give thanks for receiving it, and then know that it is yours.

Optimistic energy draws more optimistic energy to you, while those that are pessimistic won’t come around. When you internalize optimism, you emit an aura of protection against negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are always going to be around, but they are at a minimum when you are charged with these positive ions. There is now no welcome mat for negativity, so why would negativity hang around where it is not welcomed? You feel better inside and outside. If you have a cold or some other type of dis-ease in your body temple, you will get better faster with an optimistic mind-set than one that is not optimistic.

Author's Bio: 

He has been operating as the CEO of his consulting firm, Nazim Rashid Consulting, since 1993, now called New U Enterprises, LLC. certified by San Francisco's Community Board for Conflict Resolution Training, recognized by the International Who's Who of Professional Management for his work with the youth and is listed in their 2001 directory. He serves as a Consultant, Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Workshop Facilitator, Author and Motivational Speaker. He also has to his credit his first publication, curriculum and training manual entitled Young Fathers' Life Skills Curriculum and Facilitators Guide. His second publication entitled, Reconnected – How To Be A Mentor To Your Child-Self, focuses on repairing emotional wounds experienced in childhood while learning valuable personal development skills.