Oprah Winfrey recently changed her mode of business. She quit her show, where she had been operating as a partial entrepreneur and became a business owner when she created a new business by starting a TV Network.

She no longer HAS to work each day by appearing on her show. She WAS her show. She was forced to practice her trade as a TV show personality, to generate income. Even though she was incredibly successful, the grind and personal time responsibilities finally got to Oprah.

Now as the owner of her TV network business she can design her new role as the business owner to suit her on her terms. Now she can work ON her business versus working in the business. She can have her business WORK FOR HER versus working for her practice. She can even create a role where she performs little if any work, because her network will not require Oprah to perform any duties for the network business to succeed. She will create a business that will succeed, IF she fully transitions into becoming a business owner, where the success of the business is now the center of attention.

We hope Oprah has engaged the right life coach for her to discover herself so well that she can design her ideal roll so she too can “Go To Play Every Day and call it work,” and enjoy the new found fruits of becoming a successful business owner.

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Bill Dueease is the President of The Coach Connection (TCC), which he co-founded in May 2001 to assist people to achieve their greatest results from life coaching. Over 96.5 % of TCC's approximately 1,500 clients have achieved their initial life and career goals by connecting with their personally matched TCC Member Coach. He has also published the best-selling book, Go To Play Everyday and call it work. You can reach Bill at bill@findyourcoach.com, www.findyourcoach.com/types-of-coaching/career-coaching/ or 800-887-7214