A scattered mind produces scattered results in business. Scattered means: “occurring or distributed over widely spaced and irregular intervals in time or space” and “lacking orderly continuity” (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/scattered). If it is taking you longer than anticipated, expected or desired to build your business, then tweaking your focus may be the “next best” step for you at this time. When I saw Donald Trump “live” in person last year, I learned that “lack of focus” was the cause of his financial downfall and near catastrophic ending in the early nineties. So, if your focus needs fine-tuning, check out these five business distractions:

Business Distraction #1: Are you unclear about and aimless in your purpose and use of passions? What is your purpose in life? Do you know yours, and if yes, are you consistently placing your attention and energies on fulfilling it? What are passions: “intense emotions compelling actions” (http://www.merriam-webster.com/netdict/passion)? Without this clarity about and focus on your purpose and passions, you will end up resorting to trial and error – and perhaps lots of pain and frustration too – to make profit from your purpose and passions.

Business Distraction #2: Are you sometimes close-minded and pessimistic about your current situation and the future? Here is how you can tell: When you are presented with challenges and problems, do typically open your mind and see the potential inherent in these? Adopting this perspective will allow you to attract the vision or answer about how to move gracefully and successfully through it.

Business Distraction #3: Are you more reactive than proactive? Do you prefer to wait and see what happens in life or take matters into your own hands and carve your own path?

Business Distraction #4: Do you resist instead of welcome change? If you have a habit of accepting the status quo instead of focusing on continuous improvement: making good “things” - including yourself, your offerings and you current situation - even better, then you are change-averse. Instead of reducing expenses, think about how you could improve productivity, performance and profitability through innovation and by working collaboratively (including sharing costs) and in new ways with partners, competitors and suppliers, instead of doing it all yourself in the same old way, which will create the same old less-than-desirable results.

Business Distraction #5: Do Bright Shiny Objects pull you off course? Entrepreneurs and people with an entrepreneurial spirit are adept at looking out for and jumping on opportunities. Are you one of these people who see, seizes, and sticks with opportunities through the up and down cycles of business and life?

What are the opportunity costs of being scattered in business? Several exist, including lost: time, money, clients, business opportunities, energy, health, vacations and spiritual and emotional fulfillment.

Remember, if your mind (i.e. thoughts and emotions) and actions are mostly focused on low-vibration energies (like fear, worry and doubt) and distractions, they will pull people, things and situations to you that are aligned with these low-quality energies and scattered or unwanted results. So, if you want to upgrade your life, including the type of clients, collaborators, suppliers and investors you attract, you’ll need to shift your focus upwards instead of keeping it on the down low. What is the solution for creating desired business and personal results then? On a micro level, focus on living, making decisions and acting in the now in the directions of your identified dreams and goals. Believe that the details (i.e. the macro level) required to make your goals and dreams come true will appear and you will spot them if you consistently have faith and the right focus: mind and action-wise.

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In the art and science of hand analysis, there are 14 life purposes. If you are not profiting from your passions, there is a strong probability that your business is “off purpose” or stuck and preventing you from creating the business and life you absolutely love. To claim your complimentary 15-minute phone "Clear Creative Blocks Forever Session" (limited time only), contact monique@energeticevolution.com