Portable generators can be life-savers in many situation, but it is important to know how to handle them correctly. They are ideal if there is a power outage since it allows you to continue to use your electronics without a problem. They are normally easy to use, but if you do not respect the rules you could put yourself and those around you in danger.

This article will show you which safety rules you should respect in order to stay safe while you operate a portable generator. Even if you do not use one very often it is still recommended to keep these tips in mind for the future.

The dangers of a portable generator

Portable Generators can be dangerous for a number of reasons. The main threat is the fact that the exhaust contains carbon monoxide that could kill you quickly without you even realizing. Carbon monoxide has no smell or taste and you can’t see it either, but despite this it is very poisonous.

That is why you should get carbon monoxide alarms, either battery ones or plug-in alarms. Make sure that you read the instructions before you install them and choose one that meets the requirements of the current UL 2034 safety standard.

While an alarm is usually very efficient you should still take good care of your generator. Never use the generator inside any confined places. This includes basements, garages, homes. They are all dangerous since the carbon monoxide can build up in these places without you noticing it and it will remain there even after you remove the generator. Avoid windows and doors and vents since the gas could accumulate and go to occupied spaces.

Safety precautions

Portable Generators come with a clear set of instructions that you should respect. Respect the wattage guide and only use it for the indicated applications. Also make sure that you keep the battery for it charged and allow it to cool down after you use it.

After you use the generator store it someplace safe and make sure to cover it with something so that debris and dirt won’t get to it. Always keep a flashlight next to it. Chances are that you are only going to use it when there is no power so you won’t have light to find your way to it either. When you do use try not to plug in too many appliances at a time so that the circuits don’t overload.

If there is a carbon monoxide leak you won’t notice it right away but you will feel some effects. Therefore, if you feel dizziness, headaches, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue of feel like you are going to faint you should go and get some fresh air right away.

If the generator is still running and you have any of those symptoms make sure that you shut it off right away. You should also go see a doctor just to be safe, because you may have carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Robert Alleson