Do you ever find it difficult to trust loving another because of past hurts or betrayals? Do you wonder if risking your heart may not be worth the possible loss and pain?
To put our faith and trust in another whether it is romantic, family, friendship or the opening to a stranger is the greatest gift we can give to another. It is also the most blessed level of soul opening and connection that enriches our own lives. But it can only be birthed from the release of fear and darkness that holds us captive in the past.

If you have been emotionally wounded your victim story and attachment to that story create normal human reactions. It is human to desire to shield yourself from further pain. And yet, in Truth, Universal Truth, all pain has purpose, all challenges bring opportunity. And from that perspective, perhaps you are being asked to open to the possibility that it is your perception of reality that creates fear, not reality itself.

To be more conscious of your own world filter consider what beliefs were born out of the heartbreak you experienced that guide your life now... How do you see your role as a potential partner or your accountability in your past relationships? How do you judge yourself and your ex-loves or partners? What messages do you use as your inner mantra that say “I cannot” or “ I am not..”? Within the belief pattern lies fears..fears that if you name them allow you to begin the journey into releasing them: Fear of not being worthy of love? Fear of not being safe emotionally? Fear of not being the perfect mate ?

As you name the fears and tune into your beliefs, meditate upon the gifts that your painful experiences have brought you. The gift of survival beyond devastating hurt. The gift of independence by creating a more empowered lifestyle. The gifts of strength and courage. And know that these same gifts are also there for others with whom you share your life as you model the courage to walk into your fears.

Through gratitude for all that life affords us, we find the antidote to being and living the victim. We create the potential for forgiveness of ourselves and others. Through acknowledging the fears and beliefs that hook us into past stories we have the choice of new behavior and fresh perspective. Your path will unfold more joyfully when you are willing to embrace it all, honor it all, forgive it all. Here is where you find what you are missing. Here is where trusting in love enters with faith that all transpires for your good.
Lucille Ann Meltz copyright 2008

Author's Bio: 

Lucille Ann Meltz, MSED, MA, is owner of Arc of Light, Practical Spirituality. A highly experienced trainer on spiritual themes, a personal coach ( “Touch the Soul Coaching” ), published writer, group facilitator, guided meditation leader and public speaker, Lucille inspires and helps others integrate their spiritual self into everyday reality.
She is a certified facilitator of The Four Agreements which is incorporated into all areas of her life and work. Lucille is also the creator of the guided meditation CD “ A Little Light Into Your Soul” with a free sample available on her web site. Her spiritual perspectives column “Ask Little Light” also appears on her her web site. Additionally, Lucille Ann is a trained professional hand analyst helping individuals discover their Life Purpose and Soul’s Agenda through the esoteric art of hand analysis. Her many clients and students call her work “ inspirational, profoundly loving and life-changing.”