Ever notice a guy with geeky glasses, murky–colored shirts and acid–washed jeans? In high school, we wouldn’t take a second look with a guy who’s got a bad skin and a hairstyle you can’t even tell which year. We’d rather be caught dead than seen with them in public, we avoid these people.

These men who have exceeded the average IQ level and are prone to be the underdogs of the popular kids, often end up as becoming the most successful of the class and getting the girl of every man’s dreams. Hollywood has been making movies about geeky man. We’d start to ponder on that thought of why women fall for smart men? Melinda French Gates considered Billy Gates as the one for her life.

What exactly makes a man from no one to the one? It isn’t that there’s a lack of men in the city, on the contrary, there are quite a number of attractive men around. Though, look more closely at a guy past the bad clothes, he actually has nice features which often some women are too blind to the one they’ve been looking for all their lives.

The only crime anyone can accuse him of is being clueless in his fashion style. There are more important things to this guy than his fashion sense and the trends he creates for himself. Take for example his responsibilities at work, which he attends to in an efficient and almost noble manner, his hobbies and on the way he values his time with his family.

As it turns out, he isn’t being careless and sloppy about his appearance; rather his days are just filled up with attending to the things that really matter most in his life which makes him the one that we should take our chances with. Which is if we try to go beyond what we see, we’d discover why women fall for smart men.

They’re kind, respectful of a girl’s feelings and almost shy in their getting to know you ways. He has none of that pretentious and conceited behavior I’ve seen in most men I know, just the real you. This is what we women value most to the one we want to marry.

I want other women to see this man as a benchmark for choosing their own man. I know a lot of girls who consider dating only the cool guys with hot bods and a face seen in the lifestyles section of a newspaper. With his trendy clothes and good looks, where will Mr.

Cool take you? Do his prominent friends make you feel accepted? Do you think this is the one? Try to consider this matter, instead of putting much effort in search for the hottest guy we’d deem worthy enough to marry, we should try to focus on getting closer to the one object of our affection that was uncool.

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