The process of making a completed good or product from the raw materials or elements for future utilization known as manufacturing. An organization or a longtime agency that manufactures lots of such merchandise in massive quantities needs to ensure that they’re all tracked correctly for supply purposes. An efficient and robust ERP helps in dealing with these processes easily. Opensource ERP/Odoo is among the software that may achieve this. The dependable Odoo ERP for manufacturing software helps the consumer in handling the advanced manufacturing and administration processes of the agency similar to managing the payments of materials, planning how the manufacturing happens, and monitoring the manufactured and packaged orders, among other of its features.

Open source Odoo ERP for manufacturing

Odoo manufacturing is based on a quite simple working methodology. This methodology permits the end-users to be in command of their order by creating it and passing it to the following stage of the product line for its completion. Odoo manufacturing additionally provides its consumer the flexibility to reshape the manufacturing process to a process that resonates with their firm’s by utilizing WorkCentre amongst different routing ideas. The user also will get the flexibility to handle ‘scraps’ and ‘unbuild’ a manufactured product if deemed needed. Different levels of customers will be assigned by a corporation to maintain a watch on the whole manufacturing process for higher management.

When in comparison with the other competing ERP solutions out there, the Odoo ERP for manufacturing module in itself consists of many distinctive features that make it a greater possibility. For instance, byproducts, routing facility, single BOM for a number of product variants, MRP II scheduler, Master manufacturing scheduler, Kanban Planning, Production calendar, Backward scheduling, Work orders, Repair, etc. are only a few of the features that SAP ERP doesn’t and Odoo does. Even in comparison against Microsoft Dynamics, it has many unique features similar to Equipment / Machine Management, Work Instructions on Work Orders, Maintenance Requests from Shop Floor Terminal, Production calendar, etc. that make it better than its competitor.

Let’s talk about more such features of Odoo ERP for manufacturing below.

1. Manage:

Odoo manufacturing’s implementation helps the producers in accessing the info and the info of their enterprise just by clicking on a single button. It allows actual enterprise info monitoring that may assist the highest administration officials of the firm in remodeling the enterprise into a greater one.

Manufacturing orders: This refers back to the ease in managing the meeting line and the merchandise which are being manufactured.

Work orders: Launching the products after their remaining meeting process with ease.

Repair orders: Ease it caring for the gadgets under warranty which are to be repaired or serviced

2. Schedule & plan

Odoo’s service offers the consumer firm with absolute management over its elements inventory, demand planning accuracy, efficient coordination of distributing channels. This permits the corporate to enhance on their supply timings, which is essential for customer satisfaction. Even more so, if they’re engaged on a global level or mass level, which might check with them consisting of giant quantities of products coming and going. Being capable of observe these live inventory modifications could be fairly tiring and irritating. ERP can unload all of this pressure with its aggressive abilities to track each product, along with its ease of use that can present relief to the user.

Plan manufacturing: Get simply notified of the work that’s taking place in real-time and plans the manufacturing accordingly.

Organize work orders: Ability to have access to all of the assets that may be utilized for creating a greater work strategy.

Manage Bill of Materials: Being capable of observe all of the modifications which are happening to the inventory in real-time.

WorkCentre Capacity: WorkCentre permits the consumer to schedule all of the issues which are needed for the corporate

. Define Flexible Master Data

Routing needs to the priorly outlined to manufacturing to happen correctly. Routing is the technique that’s based on the tactic to create a product using the BOM’s outlined materials. Multiple work levels and multiple work facilities ( the situation where the manufacturing of a product takes place) will be involved on this process.

Create multi-level Bills of Materials: Set the invoice of materials in a nesting methodology so that elements of another product will be manufactured in another BOM (bill of materials)

Optional routing: Recreate the routines for the work orders in order that the manufacturing could be sequenced based on it.

Version modifications: Make sure to maintain evolving your products and including new configurable choices when they’re creating orders.

Phantom of Bill of Materials: Create phantom BOM to fabricate and promote products in kits or to construct substitute components.

4 . Quality

Odoo ERP for manufacturing is one of the best in business for manufacturers for it checks the standard of the material that’s for use for the manufacturing of products. This check is made before,in between, and at the end of the manufacturing phases. When an issue happens, the quality checking system of the ERP narrows down the issue to its most simple, so that it can be taken care of.

Control Points: Automatic triggers for high quality checks all alongside the production line.

Quality Checks: Carry on the common checks that require statistical processes.

Quality Alerts: Be capable of arrange the work with the help of quality alerts within the Kanban view.

5 . Maintenance

Maintenance orders may also be allowed to happen by the manufacturing ERP to perform repairs and different fixes. Such orders shall be assigned to the corresponding groups based mostly on the nature of the order. ERP systems just like that of Odoo can easily perform preventive maintenance (so that they’re less likely to fail) procedures with the assistance of computed statistics similar to the common time for the failure of a certain job.

Preventive Maintenance: KPIs-based automated maintenance request trigger.

Corrective Maintenance: Control middle panel directed the corrective maintenance trigger.

Calendar: Schedule maintenance operations inside and with the calendar.

Statistics: Get all maintenance statistics computed for you with the assistance of MTBF.

6 . WorkCentre Control Panel

Tablets: Use tablets to work effectively by organizing the work middle with them.

Record manufacturing: Make sure to register the productions being done, scan the products made and their serial numbers too.

Worksheets: Display the worksheets accordingly with the instruction with WorkCentre for an operator.

Misc. Operations: Handle scrap products, create high quality alerts, carry out high quality checks from and with the assistance of WorkCentre.

Alerts: Use alerts to indicate modifications or quality checks to the operator.

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7. Business Intelligence

Odoo ERP for manufacturing also offers a detailed analysis report acquired from the evaluation made by its system from the info of you the manufacturing and administration groups. This permits creating new strategies based on real-time information. These are just a few of the features that Odoo’s BI engine can perform properly and are recommended by its manufacturing module.

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