With 335 installations on French soil, Action has made France its first European market. Present in the country since 2012, the company has even made the choice to install some of its platforms to further facilitate the supply of its various stores. Very structured, his system has allowed him to obtain a place of choice in the world of discount and promises a bright future under the French sky. Although Action has not yet chosen the franchise to develop further, it is nonetheless ready to welcome new entrepreneurs into a dynamic network that is still dedicated to extend significantly over the next few years, with already 335 Action stores.


Equipped with a winning discount model, the brand Action has all the assets that French consumers are looking for and combines a wide variety of references, with 150 new products every week, with very low prices, particularly appreciated by those who are looking for the best products.


It was in 1993, in the Dutch city of Enkhuizen, that the first store of the sign Action was opened. Although it was of very modest size, unlike current outlets, it was already distinguished by the great attractiveness of its rates. However, it will take almost ten years for the first supermarket Action opens. Larger and equipped with all the facilities and benefits that go along with this concept, this new formula seduces by the undeniable variety of its references. Driven by a growing success in the Netherlands and Belgium, in 2005, the brand finally exceeds its comfort zone and sets out to conquer neighboring countries. Action appears in France in 2012. Its distribution center, opened in the Paris region in 2016,

The concept of the sign

Operated since the early 90s, the concept of the brand is based on one principle: to offer the greatest diversity of references to the lowest prices on the market. Indeed, at Action, 30% of the products put on the shelves are offered for one euro or less, which represents about 1500 references of the 6000 present in store. The latter are all arranged in shelves, as in a conventional supermarket and not arranged in bins to promote the most enjoyable shopping conditions.
The company wants to be competitive in all areas, from multimedia to tableware, to decoration and DIY, and even clothing, linens and animal products. Amongst the selected suppliers, there are national brands but the majority of the brands on offer are of Dutch or Belgian origin.


To date, Action is mainly present in the north of France. It nonetheless wishes to continue its growth in the rest of the country and has made the choice to focus especially on the south-east region. In order to make this project a reality, the brand quickly began to look for sites adapted to its needs and requirements. As such, it is important to note that Action is generally established in cities with at least 40,000 inhabitants. The brand's stores are being set up on raw surfaces ranging from 800 to 1,000 m² and must be very easily accessible, both for the many deliverers and for the consumers who want to become the product ranges. True to its discount values,


With a particularly strong expansion, the network of the sign Action obviously does not stop so well and wants to actively pursue its growth. France, which has become one of its most important markets in recent years, lends itself particularly well to this desire for development: there are many opportunities for those wishing to engage in entrepreneurship with Action.


Holder of a long experience, the best business coach melbourne company Action offers very comfortable exercise conditions to entrepreneurs who will choose to join its network. These will benefit in particular:
Access to comprehensive training: these may be varied but will always be well suited to the positions and needs of different employees.
Prices always attractive for their store: with an experience in terms of destocking but also a logistics foolproof, the company is able to offer discount prices throughout the year which allows it to offer ideal buying conditions to consumers in all seasons. What better way to quickly build customer loyalty?
A growing reputation: formerly confined to the north of France, the brand is gradually developing in other regions of the country from then on, reinforcing a reputation more and more undeniable among consumers.

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