Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy:

You may encounter a situation where you need to cancel your trip or make changes in the trip plan. Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy is very flexible in terms of providing cancellation and flight change services.

You can read below all the details regarding Delta Airlines Change Policy.

The Delta flight change policy states that you can choose from multiple options for changing an existing air travel reservation, including a refund request, switching to a different Delta flight which will be departing in the next three hours on the same day as per your original booking or completely changing your reservation’s time or location. There may be a fee associated with the change you demand, depending on your ticket type and method which you used to purchase the ticket.

How To Change Flight On Delta?

If you wish to cancel/change your trip and want a new booking/flight with Delta Airlines, Then you may or may not be paid any refund for the cancellation as these things depend on the reason and time of canceling and also your purchased ticket type. 

Before making any demands for the priceless tickets you need to talk to an agent. So go through the Delta airline flight change policy and steps thoroughly for knowing the exact procedure to receive the new tickets. Below is the answer to your question” how to change a flight on unite?”

Step 1:

Visit the official website of the Delta airlines and click on “My Reservations” to change your flight online. Enter your last name and credit card number or confirmation number to find your original reservation, or simply log in using your existing Delta account and make a selection for your itinerary. Search and select for a new flight which you wish to switch from.

Step 2:

Start with the Delta Airlines check-in process through the official website. Use your original reservation if you are willing to switch to a standby status on a flight having the same destination and leaving within the next three hours. Make a selection for an earlier flight, if available and choose the standby status. A fee is applied for this service and charged only when you successfully get on board in the earlier flight. If there is no more room for you to board in the standby flight, you retain your original booking.

Step 3:

Call on the reservation department number of Delta airlines to change your mileage plus award tickets or miles and money award tickets, you do not get any option to change this online. You can also change your reservation or switch to a same-day reservation by calling up the reservation department of Delta airlines.

Step 4:

Seek help and assistance from a representative at the Delta booking center or kiosk for making changes in your reservation or moving to an earlier flight. If you did not book your original tickets online with Delta.com and purchased the tickets through some third party, then an extra fee may be charged for changing flight with the basic change and travel costs.

Delta Airlines Change Flight Fee:

Delta Airlines allows its passenger to change certain eligible flights but if your ticket is restricted, you will have to pay a fee for making changes that will depend on your route and destination. Most of the flights include a fee for the asked change.

You will have to pay $200 for the flight change under the domestic flight category and $400 for the flight change under some Delta international flight category according to the Delta Airlines change flight fee.

Some of the reservations which are allowed to be changed can be changed online through the official website of the airline or the mobile app of airlines. Select the option of “Change Flight” from the reservation section of the official website or mobile app. Any fee difference and change fees will be reflected as you search and select for a new flight.

 Delta Flight Change 24 Hours:

If a passenger has booked tickets for a flight which is at least 7 days away from the departure date, then he/she can cancel the Delta tickets for free or they can ask for a change to the reservation without any fee. But passengers must cancel or ask for changes under 24 hours of booking the ticket.

The exact saying of Delta Airlines:

“Under our 24-hour flexible booking policy, if your ticket was purchased through Delta in the last 24 hours and you completed your purchase one week or more before the originally scheduled departure flight, it may qualify for a waiver of change or cancellation fees”. 

Below mentioned options are available if you wish for a different itinerary:

– Passenger can select any other flight through the official website of the airlines, mobile app, etc if he/she has reached the airport within 24 hours of flight booking.

– Passenger can also make amendments and changes in his/her reservations within 24 hours of booking without any change fee through the “Manage Reservations” section on the website or mobile app.

–  Passengers can also choose to contact the Delta airlines and talk to a representative regarding their amendments or changes in the reservation.

Delta Flight Change Fee Waived:

In some situations, the passenger can not avoid the change fee imposed by Delta Airlines. Below are some exceptional cases in which the Delta flight change fee is waived for a passenger:

“In the event that your travel plans change as a result of illness or jury duty, you will be required to pay the applicable change fee at the time of that change. Once this change fee is applied, you may submit a request to have the fee refunded”.

For getting the change fees refunded, passengers will need to submit some necessary documents as per the condition described.

Delta Same Day Flight Change:

If the passenger has a restricted ticket, then he can make a same-day flight change for a reduced fee. For Basic Economy or Economy ticket holders, the flight changes are not allowed. For a  Premier Platinum, MileagePlus Premier® Gold, and Premier 1K® member, same-day flight changes are allowed at no charge.

Below mentioned are the fees and conditions which apply:

Service Fee
MileagePlus members$75Premier Silver members$75 Premier Gold membersNo Fee ChargedPremier platinum and Premier 1k membersNo Fee Charged

  • Passenger’s itinerary should be operated by Delta or Delta Express, and his/her ticket number must start from 016.
  • The service of same-day flight changes is available within 24 hours before the passenger’s original scheduled flight. The flight requested by the passenger should be leaving within 24 hours from the time of passenger’s request made any it can include any fare class, the passenger may have to pay the difference in the fare. All the changes should take place before the originally scheduled flight.
  • When the passenger is able to get his/her original ticketed fare class on the requested flight within 24 hours of departure, the same-day flight change fee(in the place of the outlined changed fee in the fare rules) will be charged.
  • If the passenger does not get his/her original ticketed fare class on the requested flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, the same-day flight change fee(in the place of outlined change fee in the fare rules) will be charged. Any additional payments or refunds for the difference in fare also apply.
  • Passengers can choose the standby option if seats are not available in the fare class he/she have bought. In this case, the same-day fee will be charged only if a seat is provided to you on an alternate flight. Route changes are not allowed with the standby option. Passengers can ask for a standby option on the day of departure of their flight at the airport’s kiosk or booking center. Once your name is added to the list of standby passengers, you can check your real-time standby status online through the official website or mobile app.
  • If a passenger’s ticket is upgraded, he/she will get automatically added to the upgrade standby list at applicable upgrade priority. Once the passenger gets added to the upgrade standby list, he/she can check the real-time standby upgrade status online through the official website or mobile app of the Delta Airlines.
  • Delta Airlines allows changes for the same origin and destination airport. The passenger’s flight connection points can be changed if the fare he/she has bought allows them for a new routing.

Passengers can confirm same-day flight changes when they start the check-in process online, at any airport kiosk, by calling the reservation department of Delta airlines or through a Delta representative. If the passenger checked baggage on his/her original flight, any changes will have to be completed at least 60 minutes before the new flight departure so the airlines can move the baggage of passengers on the new flight.

Below mentioned are some important links and numbers of Delta Airlines:

Official website link-WEBSITE

Delta Reservation Department Contact Number +1-838-205-4400

Frequently Asked Questions Related To Delta Airlines Change Policy

Can I change my flight on Delta Airlines?

Yes. You have the option of changing your flight with Delta Airlines. However, depending on your fare and route, you may be charged a change fee. The cost will be calculated after taking into consideration Delta flight change policy.

How to change seats on Delta Airlines?

To change seats on Delta Airlines, you have multiple options. Some of them are mentioned here:
Online: Delta Airlines website and mobile App.
Offline: Delta Airlines customer service toll-free number +1-838-205-4400 and airline center.

Note: According to the Delta flight change policy, if a traveler uses the offline change method, they must pay service costs in addition to the Delta change flight fees.

How much to change flights on Delta Airlines?

According to the Delta flight change policy, if the passenger fails to make changes within the allotted time then they need to pay a change fee ranging from USD 50 to 200.

What is the change fee on Delta Airlines?

The change fee on Delta Airlines is calculated after reviewing the flight change policy. If the passenger changes the flight on the same day of booking, they do not need to pay the change fee. However, once the risk-free period lapses, the airline will charge change based on your fare types.

Can I change my flight date on Delta Airlines?

Yes. You can definitely change your flight date on Delta Airlines by paying change fees. The change fees will be calculated after considering the Delta Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Does Delta Airlines charge to change a flight?

Depends on when you are making changes. If you are making changes within the no change fee period then the airline will not charge any amount as Delta change flight fees. The airline with supporting documents allows the passenger to change their seats according to their needs. However, the ticket must be booked from official portals like- website, mobile, customer service number, or at the airport counters of Delta Airlines.

Will Delta Airlines waive the change fee?

Yes. Delta Airlines will waive change fees if the flight is canceled or a reservation is made on or after April 2020. The airline gives its passengers the leverage to make a modification according to their desired wish by charging a small portion of ticket fares as Delta change flight fees. However, due to the global pandemic, the airline has waived off the flight change fees.

Note: The passengers must need to offer the RT PCR before reaching the airport.

Can I change my return flight date with Delta Airlines?

Yes. Delta Airlines allows you to modify your return flight date by paying change fees. The change charges will be computed after evaluating the Delta Airlines change flight policy. For passengers who are changing the date within 24 hours of booking, the change facility will be free for them.

How can I change my seat assignment on Delta Airlines via the online method?

To change your seat assignment on Delta Airlines via the online method, you need to implement the following steps:

• Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.
• Move to the My trip section before that you need to mark a presence at the login page.
• With the use of user credentials complete the account authentication process.
• Once the login process is done, revisit the My trip section.
• Enter your booking code and your last name in the respective field.
• Review the input and tap on the continue tab.
• Tick the desired journey.
• Make all the suitable changes.
• Pay the Delta Airlines Flight change fees.
• Gain your new e-tickets on your registered ID

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