In the recent time, when the crime is taking a toll in both residential and industrial areas, making the arrangements to deal with the security threats is considered as something mandatory. Primarily, the business organisations are much more exposed to such risks rather than residential areas. While shoplifting has become one of the common phenomena in the retail shops, the corporate organisations often go through the safety issue while their enemies try to steal their information, usually manually!

So, the primary factor, in this case, is that as a business owner, you are required to include all the safety measures necessary to keep the premises safe and sound. However, the contradiction may arise when you have to choose between two options – manual surveillance and automated surveillance.

Security Guards and CCTV cameras – are the jobs same?

You may think that in this era of technology, there is no point in choosing manual security support. However, the security guard in Shellharbour possesses a logical thinking ability to assess the future threat that your automated CCTV will fail to do. On the other hand, the benefit of CCTV camera is undoubtedly vast including the chance of identifying the thugs and alarming the security personnel when it is connected to the central security server.

Evidently, each of them has their own merits and demerits that you are required to consider for carrying out a comprehensive assessment. Read on to get more detailed information.

Having Guards can prevent the Crime

The on-site security surveillance or having the security guards around the office premises is something that gives overall protection. The professionals have immense experience in dealing with security challenges. Therefore, you can expect them to assess the security threats long before the crime is done. So, the chances of loss get automatically minimised in this process.

Having Video Surveillance gives you Monitoring Power

Well, one of the drawbacks of the security guard is you cannot deploy a lot of them on the site as it may turn out to be an inconvenience for the customers. However, by installing a security camera in Shellharbour, you can actually ensure each corner of your shop is protected and monitored. You don't have to rely on some other person as you can do it on your own even when you are in a remote location. Having it in retail stores does not only minimise the incidents of shoplifting, but it also empowers the business owners to check on the performance and conduct of the employees.

However, the entire security system can be compromised in the case the thugs are damaging the cameras in any way.

The Verdict

Considering the merits and a small demerit of both the security surveillance system, it is quite evident that the business organisations need both of these facilities for complete protection. Having both of these facilities will safeguard the business interests both from outside and from the inside. Therefore, in the case one of these two is breached, the other one will work as the backup. In this way, your purpose for both preventing and detecting the crime in your business premises will be fruitful.

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The author owns a security company that offers both the services of the security guard in Shellharbourand the installation of the security camera in Shellharbour to ensure complete protection of the business premises.