Leaders are key in business and motivation, but if you truly want to make money you need to be a follower. I was thinking of two very special clients tonight who have experienced some very massive success in 6 months. When Paige and Brian came to me they were barely getting by (and this is NO exaggeration). They needed help in their business and they needed direction. From our first session I was pretty tough with them. But, I also loved them from the first five minutes of our call. I told them they had to do exactly what I asked them to. Period. That’s how I coach.

* First, they had to come up with the money to coach with me. I gave them some hard tasks to do that. CHECK

* Second, they had to change their business focus and niche. CHECK

* Next, they had to leave their house and speak to strangers if necessary to get clients immediately. CHECK

* They had to have income to fund their business even if it meant a part time job. CHECK.

* They needed to listen to my marketing ideas and implement them immediately. CHECK.

* Finally, they had to agree to not always understand why I told them to do something, but trust me 100% and do it. CHECK.

I could go on and on, but the point is they did exactly what I asked them to do every single time I asked them to do it. They have called me in tears, in cheers, in confusion, and in clarity, but always with an absolute trust and a willingness to follow. When I was growing my business I did the same:

* I found a mentor that was patient, loving, and kind - she told me what to do... I did it 100% and grew my business to over six figures.

* Next, I worked with a marketing master and did the same. Even in fits of frustration I did everything he said and grew my business to over $300,000.

* Finally, I worked with my current mentor and again, I humbly agreed to be the best follower to ever be doing exactly what he suggested and I earned 7 figures in revenue.

What I have learned is most people would rather be right than rich. They would rather ask questions than obediently take action. Are you doing all that is asked of you by your coach and mentor - and I don't mean most - I mean EVERYTHING? Because it takes 100% commitment to follow and take action on exactly what they share has worked for them. Why would you work with someone and then not take their advice and direction? What does it say about you that you invest (or don't invest at all) and then ignore the information?

Paige and Brain got it and now they have regular 5 figure months. Being a follower pays off and it keeps paying off. They emailed me to say they want to renew the current program they are in (it doesn't even end until July) but they wanted me to know now.

I responded - you will always have a seat at my table. No reservations needed.

You see followers want to hang out with other followers because they know the key to success. Thank you, Paige and Brian, for reminding me of what works. To be a leader you must be a great follower.

(c) 2010 Suzanne Evans