It’s not easy trying to figure out how to plan one’s life; before you know it, five years have gone by in a flash. And in a moment, 10 more will pass.

How can we stop an influx of time that just keeps going whether we are on board or not? We can’t!

But living with the linear frienemy will be the best bet, less tears, less anxiety.

So here are some activities that should take only 10 minutes or less!

1. First, practice goal setting monthly. The idea is to have one or two key goals to complete that month, and perhaps one major goal for the year. It will be more fulfilling when the goals are accomplished in monthly steps, just a few at a time.

2. Practice living in the moment; a 10-minute nature walk to evaluate what is around you is insightful. Acknowledge every aspect of sound, smell, feel, and light around you. Touch the bark of a tree and look deeply into its wooden grooves. This will help ground you to enjoy the present as it is, right there before you.

3. Find some time to write in a journal each day about what you have accomplished, and what you look forward to completing next time. Write to yourself and compliment how proud you are of yourself for accomplishing these different tasks thus far.

4. Create a living digital vision board; that means it can be altered or enhanced to where you are in life right now. Instead of trying to complete the board all in one day, take just 10 minutes a day for the next 30 days to add key words, pictures, quotes to it that will keep you motivated toward your career, job or business you plan on owning. Your board can include how you envision your intimate relationships, lifestyle, etc. Be creative! Carry it with you on your mobile device as a reminder. After 30 days, take some time to reflect on your completed vision board for at least 10 minutes a day: imagine the feeling you have of completion, all which is listed on your board.

Now you can be the best of friends with time; no more wishing of what you could have or should have done! No matter what age you are now, anytime is the right time to start these practices.

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Julia Dudley Najieb is a successful investigative journalist, radio talk show news commentator, published author and TV producer who continues to research and explore the nature and relativity of reality, duality, karma, history, success and instinct. Find out more about her inspective research into the most successful methods for self-empowerment, soul exploration, and life guidance at: and