Humans are vaults of infinite energy. Yet only a very miniscule portion of it is used in bodily activities. The remaining lies dormant and latent. If even sharp instruments are not used for a long time span, they start rusting. If every part of talent/skill remains unused man somehow lives life akin to some mad person moving round in circles. Yet whenever his enthusiasm rises high alertness, zeal, zest, diving deep, yearning to eat and drink etc start exhibiting miraculous feats. Man reaches great heights and under even ordinary circumstances executes such miraculous feats which can only be called mind boggling.

The past 3 centuries can be termed the phase of soul awakening even if in the material arena it was limited. Wherever energy is used it showcases its effects. In the direction of material advancement its leanings got conjoined, research was conducted and it got ready the old cast of direct proof by molding it into a new philosophy. When newness springs forth with new zest its results too are outstanding. In the name of development came forth in front of the world materialism and direct proof in a big way and it influenced world humans. Inventions created piles of means of comforts. In the name of intellectualism so much information was unearthed which could render anyone a bloated egotist and this has actually been witnessed, the world over. By itself unearthing information is worth lauding and should be encouraged. Thus credit of generating progress is given to those who manifested this enthusiasm and effort.


Something very important needs to be discussed here. And that is choosing between wholesome usage and misuse. Whenever selfishness and lack of farsightedness combine, we think of only one thing and that is amass as many things as possible quickly and keep enjoying it as much as possible. Hasty childish people do exactly this. They are in no condition to use whatever they have in great tasks with a sense of steadfastness. They act akin to a person who by hook or by crook try and remove as many golden eggs from a hen’s tummy by immaturely cutting up its stomach.

If anything is used wholesomely we can benefit ourselves and help others benefit too yet if these things are misused it is akin to only one tiny lit matchstick that burns to ashes an entire village. In progressive centuries no doubt we achieved a lot but in the absence of farsightedness we failed to use it aptly and instead it was misused so awfully that today in the entire world we stare at cloudy situations of danger.

Lest the welfare of political rulers and wealthy class were not given supreme weight age today the stature of world lay public would have reached zenith heights. When machines were designed to help man in various tasks they should have been made in small sizes. Thus with less hard work, in a short time span man would have got an opportunity to procure basic means for apt living. Further extra time that remained could have been used for artistic talent and render everyone more capable in every field of life. The result of this would have been that everyone would live happy blissful lives. None would remain jobless and none would get the chance to say that they did not get an opportunity to contribute towards personal development and multifaceted advancement of world society. Despite this misuse is but misuse and thus because of it nectar too turns perilously venomous.

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