There is no any other path apart from, "Only believe and it will happen." Let's be sincere, there is a difference between knowing God and having a personal relationship with God. Majority of us only know God. We know that God helps us when we are in trouble and that why most of us will only remember him when disaster strikes. What about in good times, do we remember God? What is your relationship with God like? Are you that sort of person who only remembers God when you're in a problem? God is great all the time. Yes, life can be fair at times but God is good throughout. But, do you believe this?

Oh, men of little faith... even after reading the Bible and witnessing God's tender care we still harden our hearts, we want to see miracles happen so as to believe in God! Are we not like the Israelites in the wilderness? They were stubborn, blaming Moses why he had brought them out of Egypt forgetting that there is nothing impossible before God. They saw miracles happen but they still didn't believe. They went astray from God. Do you want miracles to happen so that you believe in God? But the Lord is slow when it comes to anger. God is abounding in steadfast love and forgives iniquity and transgression.

We are not living in the utopian world and as such this world is an imperfect place with all kinds of abhorrent. If you're searching for the truth, then it is found in the Holy Bible. What was written in the Holy Bible is what is happening now. Don't question the Holy Bible but only believe each word written in it. We have witnessed the happenings around the world but we have despised them as warnings from what is written in the Holy Bible.

Are we not doing the same thing told in the parable of the rich man and the beggar named Lazarus? Are we not like that rich man? While in hell, the rich man requested Abraham to have mercy on him. He requested that Abraham sends Lazarus to his father's house, for he has five brothers whom he wants to be warned. He doesn't want them to end up in hell, a place of torment. But Abraham told him, "If they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone rises from the dead, Luke 16:31."

You cannot have two destinations for your life; it is either heaven or hell. Do you know what Lucifer has done to us? He has lied to us and even he has manipulated the truth. He says to us, "Serve God but don't go far from me. Just be near me." We go to church but once it's over, we turn to our old wicked ways. So, we do not go far from Satan. We read the Holy Bible but the saddest thing is that we never practice what it says, especially the two greatest commandments. We are just like the Pharisees. We condemn others while we forget about ourselves.

Moses had a close relationship with God. In fact, their relationship was strong in that Moses could compromise with God to forgive the Israelites. He believed in God. He never complained to God even after being told that he won't enter Canaan. God used to speak to Moses face-to-face. Moses died and he was personally buried by God. What an intimacy relationship to have with God!

Only believe like centurion, "... only speak the word, and my servant will be healed..." Do you know what Jesus said? Jesus admitted that he has not found a single man with such faith in the whole of Israel.

I conclude by telling you to only believe in God and all shall be well with you and your household.

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