The title doesn’t do justice in describing how tiny we are in such a vast expanse of the Cosmos. The following is what makes up outer space and believe me it is impossible to fathom.

As a child I did imagine our universe and I’d get lost in it. But never could I possibly have imagined how gigantic it truly is!

There are 7 super-universes, 70 major sectors, 7000 minor sectors, 700,000 local universes, 70,000,000 constellations, 7,000,000,000 local systems and 7,000,000,000,000 inhabitable planets.

Now, we think of the numbers of inhabitable planets, we must also realize how many are like our Earth and how many are different. As we contemplate this, we must realize there are various creatures unlike us human beings who dwell on these other worlds.

The BOOK has classified the basic life forms are follows: Material, Morontia, Spiritual, Absonite, Ultimate, Coabsolute, and Absolute. We, as human beings, are Material. When we die our bodies decay and become dust. We transcend as spirit and mind. The other basic life forms do not die and decay; in fact, their existence is not something we can perceive or contemplate.

Now, if I hadn’t witnessed unusual life forms other than human beings, I would have a bigger problem in trying to imagine any of this!

(In Memory of Dad)
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