Online sweepstakes are contests of chance sponsored by a promoter to promote their products. To participate, the sweeper has to read the rules and regulations, fill in a registration form after and wait for Lady Luck to come calling. It’s as simple as that!

Thanks to living in a world dominated by computers, online sweepstakes are getting more and more popular by the day. Of course, traditional, mail-in sweepstakes also draw their fair share of sweepers, but that’s nothing when compared to the sheer volume of people attracted to online sweepstakes.

One of the greatest disadvantages of the traditional mail-in sweepstakes is the volume of entries one can send in, or the lack of it. When you need to buy postcards/papers and fill them out by hand, the number of entries you send in is seriously limited. And any winning sweeper will tell you that sending in more entries will maximize your chances of winning.

Online sweepstakes have a number of advantages that make them infinitely more attractive to the tech-savvy sweeper. Entering into an online sweepstake is truly free, in every sense of the word. No need to spend money buying postcards or other supplies. No wasting money and time looking for the specified size of postcard/paper.

Online sweepstakes eliminate the need to fill in pages of information by hand. That means no need to spend hours trying to write legibly while avoiding spelling errors. You won’t have to worry about sending in an incomplete entry because most programs check if you have filled in everything. Best of all, no worries about getting those numbers on the addresses wrong. As they say, less work, more pay!

Online sweepstakes are tamper and damage proof. By submitting your entries online, you don’t have to worry about losing your postcard in the mail or dropping it in the rain (hey, worse things have happened!). Just hit the submit button and you’re done.

Most online sweepstakes allow you to log your promotion activities, so you can easily monitor which promotions you have entered.

Another important advantage of online sweepstakes is that they are relatively easy to find. Just type in the term in Google or some other search engine and there are thousands of sweepstakes begging to be entered in.

Online sweepstakes increase your chances of winning because they make it easy for you to send in as many entries as you want. There are tools like Roboform that allow you to fill up the registration form in one click.

Online sweepstakes owe a great deal of their popularity to faster internet connections. Promoters find it easy to create and hook up these contests. Sweepers find it easier to enter, quicker to fill out and safer to send. No wonder online sweepstakes, games, contests and lotto’s have become so popular.

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