As a student have you ever considered the option of pursuing online studies? It is not unusual for your parents to frown each time you log on to the internet, as you likely to spend far too much time networking with your friends on the various social networking sites. But I am certain that this will not be the case the next time you log on to the internet, ‘coz this time you will use the internet for improving your grades and not only for connecting with your friends online. Online Studies as an alternative, has been around for sometime in India, but it is only slowly gaining momentum with increasing internet penetration and broadband connectivity.

Did you know that you can complete an ‘International Degree’ over the internet? Startled? Don’t be. You will get to know many more facts like this further in the article. So let me list down the advantages of Online Studies for you CBSE, NCERT, ICSE. Picture the following scenarios:

• Scenario I:- Your body clock allows you to concentrate during the night time the best, but alas! There is no tutor available for help during that hour! There’s no point getting depressed as you can take recourse to Online Studies and learn at your own convenience anytime of the day.

• Scenario II:- You shy away from asking questions in your class of superlatively intelligent students who sometimes grasp concepts far too fast! Don’t you worry. Seek help from online studies; understand and master concepts at your own pace.

• Scenario III:- You spend hours at your tuition centre after your school and you wish you were left with some time after school hours to relax. Online studies can grant you your wish! You can complement your school studies with online study modules and learn all that you would in your tuition class, right inside the comforts of your own home and in a more time efficient manner.

• Scenario IV:- You continue to have some doubts on a particular topic even after an hour-long grueling class on the same. You want to ask the teacher to explain again. Could you possibly risk doing so? The answer is sadly a ‘no’, unless you want to invite the ire of the entire class! However, in the world of online studies you can rewind and replay your entire online study class in any order and as many number of times as you choose to. This flexibility and ease of access to relevant study material helps in immediate clarification and better understanding of concepts.

• Scenario V:- After witnessing your bad grades despite several tuitions, your parents are likely to consider spending any more money on your coaching classes as a complete and utter waste. Don’t lose heart. With online studies you can amaze your parents with outstanding grades. And that too without burning a hole in their pockets!

• Scenario VI:- You wished that you had some videos and animations to help simplify those difficult concepts for you in sciences and other subjects. Viola! Online studies come loaded with multimedia-rich content for a better understanding and that too at a nominal cost, if any.

I am positive that you now have enough reasons to want to experience the benefits of Online Studies for yourself. So what are you waiting for, start surfing!

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