The latest fad for internet marketing is to work at selling offline businesses. This is because most of the offline businesses are not aware of the vast marketing potential internet marketing has. With the help of these tips, you will be able to make easy offline cash, by cashing on in the prospects of offline business marketing.

Offline businesses have been using coupons for marketing purposes for quite some time. However with coupons, there are some printing costs that the business has to bear. With the help of online coupon companies, there is no need of spending any printing money. All that has to be done is to include the coupon URL in any print advertising.

Advertising in the yellow pages is not enough; it is imperative that offline businesses are listed in online Super pages and online telephone book sites. This is because most people today go online to look for products and services, and not the yellow pages.


Podcasting or vidcasting is a form of online subscription to an audio or video broadcast on niche topics. Offline businesses use this cheap and free means of talking about their business, to a targeted audience. If you make their podcast interesting, you will be able to interest their audience into buying their product or using their services.

As an internet marketer, you can also make money by holding workshops for offline business people. You can charge them to teach all about online marketing, list generation and how it is possible to make money using online markets.

In addition to earning money through these charges, most offline business owners turn to internet marketers to do this entire internet marketing for them. This is because they not only find it too difficult to learn all there is to learn about internet marketing, most of them don't have the time to do so too.


Blogging is another method of internet marketing for offline businesses, where the blog is used not only for communication purposes, but also for building a community. It is possible to build a mailing list using a blog, and invite comments from readers for the blogs posted.

With a blog, it is possible to generate a worldwide audience for an offline business. While you need to spend a sizeable amount to get information about their service or product across to people of their vicinity, country and other countries, all this is done for free with the help of a blog.

A combination of both forms of advertising

You can provide all the information about their business on the blog, to people all over the world to see. By having visitors sign up for their newsletter, you can also inform them of the latest products and advancements they have added or made to their business, for free.

So you can see that internet marketing is very useful to an offline business. However always remember that it is only if you use a combination of offline and online marketing techniques will you be able to reap maximum sales and benefit from a business.

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