At the end of each fiscal year, what is the most pressing matter on the minds of every earning man or woman? The dreaded filing of the tax return! What else? Every year millions upon millions make an unavoidable appointment with a tax accountant and this doesn't stop here. Corporations, big or small, government departments, even NGOs and small grocery stores need accounting services which are required by law and just part of the general concept of good practice in the world or money. Becoming an accountant can help not only earn a lot of money, an online accounting certification or short course can get you a career opportunity with large organizations or simply help you do the taxes for yourself, your family or friends and even your own business.

Areas and types of accounting:

The most well known type of accounting in use are tax and financial accounting, things we encounter in our everyday lives while paying taxes and budgeting our monthly income to buy food and pay bills and rent etc. On a professional level, accounting is the reporting of financial information about a person or company (any business entity that makes an investment and reaps a profit or loss return). This information is used by any interested party to access the health of the business entity.

Financial accounting:

The collection and reporting of financial information to users outside of the company (like banks, investors of the SEC etc) is called financial accounting and this takes place at the corporate level. Legal requirements and financial market requirements (as well as conventions of good practice) require that businesses perform financial reporting, at least once every year. A profit of loss statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement are all included in this type of reporting.

Management accounting:

Management accounting is the internal form of accounting which helps managers and business owners make decisions relating to issues like budgeting or sales profitability. This is internally reported accounting and is not used by external users as mentioned above.

Tax accounting:

This type of accounting applies to everyone everywhere. Jurisdictional law requires that a tax return is filed for every financial entity (a person or small or big business) and this return is based on the accounting of expenses and income (for instance) to calculate taxable income.

Accounting scholarship:

This is the academic discipline of accounting and addresses the formulation and analysis of accounting theory and principles. This form is usually a teaching related area.

Financial auditing:

The audit of financial statements (or the review of financial statements) is called financial auditing. This is done by external auditors - experts in accounting - who review the financial reports of a company and certify that these statements are relevant, accurate and complete, fairly presented and are constructed by following the standards required by the SEC and the users of this information.

Financial auditing is the most diverse and lucrative area in accounting; learning to become an auditor takes practice and a high level of education.



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