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It wasn't long ago that TV and print was all there was for marketing options. The giant video sharing website YouTube changed everything in 2005 by making it possible for anyone with a computer to post a video for many viewers within minutes. Today, 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and therefore the explosive growth has brought the facility of video to the masses. Businesses are now harnessing the fastest growing advertising channel on Web 2.0, and what was once reserved for big budgets and extensive high-tech knowledge, video distribution is now easily accessible to everyone from the teenager in the basement, to the entrepreneur selling natural soap. A prosperous new world of Online Video Marketing has demanded businesses get online to keep up with the untold promotional opportunities that Social Media offers.

Where's Your Client's Video? If They're Not on YouTube, a Competitor Is

The social impact is staggering, and opportunities for business are even more so. As the ultimate digital marketing tool, videos are more engaging and appealing than audio or text, and just one promotional video clip can have enormous impact for anyone who has a product or service to sell, for years to come. As the next evolution of the blog, Online Video Marketing has provided the stage for your client to get the edge on their competitor, provide valuable information, bring their voice and personable expression to the forefront, build relationships with potential customers and educate the planet with their message. It just cannot be done better than with video.

A New Frontier for Virtual Professionals in 2009 - Online Video Marketing

The Social Media Marketing revolution has chartered new territory of amazing opportunity for Virtual Professional services! The explosion in Online Video Marketing has created huge demand for this next generation of specialized service, and the need will only increase as businesses realize they need to be where their internet savvy customers are - online! With hard economic times, 2009 will see more organizations and business people seek new ways of marketing and mass messaging. User-based Web 2.0 has paved a new way that products reach the customer, and thousands of promotional video clips are uploaded every day, viewed by millions of viewers. Despite the recession, you can bring your client's business to a new level of prosperity and growth like never before!

THE Hot Virtual Professional Service in Demand - Video Marketing Campaigns

Social Media has forever changed the exchange of products . If any business wants to succeed well in today's marketplace, they have to urge their message out on the very channels that many competitors are using - video! But businesses are scrambling to seek out help, and immediately there's a growing need for Virtual Professionals to fill this huge gap within the essential service of Online Video Marketing. By providing market research, assessment and strategy, assistance with video creation and editing, syndication and tracking, you'll have clients banging on your door for any one of these much-needed services, or all of them as a package!

Tapping into the incredible potential of Online Video Marketing can bring your clients:

a huge increase in traffic to their site like never before;
increased SEO and link-building;
industry authority;
maximum exposure with minimal effort;
increased revenue!
The benefits of are enormous, but many businesses don't realize the potential or simply don't have the time! Online Video Marketing has become an essential promotional tool and is charting new territory as hot niche service in huge demand.

Are you ready to skyrocket your Virtual Professional business with this specialized niche service?

Learning the Specialized Skill of Online Video Marketing

Adding just this one specialized skill to your Virtual Professional business can make 2009 very profitable for both you, and your clients. The time is now for learning this skill to stay ahead of the pack on the demand for this service. You'll have the satisfaction of helping clients leverage this commanding platform and bringing them into the exciting world of video.

Bring your Virtual Professional business to the next level in 2009 by helping other businesses with Online Video Marketing!

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