Senior Adventure Travel: Deals on Expedia and More

Okay, so there are some things about retirement that can be a bit of a grind. There is often the added stress of long-term financial planning, concerns over Medicare coverage, Medicare supplemental insurance (Medigap insurance), and general health care costs. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some great things about retirement, though.

For many of us, calling it a day at the office means getting the chance to finally see the world, to go to all of those places we just never had the time to visit before. Now, for many seniors, the best trips are those that involve a relaxing beach and a few drinks. However, for others, retirement travel is all about the adventure.

Adventure travel takes many forms, from hiking hidden trails, scaling mountains, jumping out of planes, going on safari, or heading to those places on Earth that still haven’t been too affected by the outside world. Whatever your idea of adventure might be, you can find a trip that works for you.

Finding Travel Deals Online
Most people know that there are deals to be had on travel sites like Expedia, Kayak and others. Many of these sites allow you to find deals on complete travel packages—airfare, hotel, cars, entertainment, etc. A number of these packages can help you get to those “adventure” destinations for less, and some packages even appeal directly to the adventurous traveler. Of course, if you’re looking for pure adventure travel more than just a bit of fun on an otherwise relaxing vacation, your options aren’t limited to major sites like Expedia. In fact, if you open yourself up to all of the travel options out there, you might end up having an experience you never even imagined possible:

“I never expected to be kneeling barefoot on a blanket on a sidewalk in Luang Prabang at 6:30am, waiting in anticipation for a traditional morning ritual.” (from imPowerage)

These excursions, leading to roads less traveled have become favorite destinations for seniors all over the world, and there are companies out there that can help you get exactly where you want to go, and they can give you a chance to meet other seniors who have a bit of wanderlust in them.

Sites like ElderTreks and SeniorTravel Guide offer a range of adventure tours specifically for travelers 50 and over. They have trips all over the world. You can spend time on a safari in Africa, you can explore the mysteries of Angkor Wat, you can discover the “medieval treasures” of Europe, you can even take a polar expedition. These are just a few of the options out there for seniors and Baby Boomers who want to take a different approach to their next vacations.

Travel Tips for Seniors
Just because you have the spirit of the adventurer, doesn’t mean you have to head out the door with reckless abandon. There are safety tips to keep in mind when taking any trip, but some of the adventure tours require a bit of extra care and planning. No matter where you’re headed or which tour group your using (if you’re using a tour group), it’s always a good idea to inquire about the full range of senior discounts and deals that might be available. If you’re preparing for a full-scale adventure, the folks at Travel World Magazine suggest you make sure to consult your doctor before going, inquire about your options regarding medical and travel insurance, and make sure all issues regarding your passport and any visa or other documents that might be required are completely taken care of well in advance of your trip.

Retirement can open the world to you in ways you might never have even considered. If you’ve been looking for an adventure, you can find what you want. You just have to be willing to dig around a bit, and you should be willing to take the necessary steps before hand to ensure your adventure is a fun, affordable, and safe one.

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